The 1970s

Richard S. Welch Murder (1975)

Materials presented in chronological order.

Washington Post. "Obituary: Richard S. Welch." 29 Dec. 1975, A16.

CIA chief of station, Athens, killed by Greek terrorists on 23 December 1975.

Meyer, Eugene L. "Slain CIA Agent Receives Unusual Honor." Washington Post, 31 Dec. 1975, 1.

On the return of the body of Richard C. Welch, the slain CIA chief of station, Athens, to the United States.

Stern, Laurence. "CIA Agent Welch Buried." Washington Post, 7 Jan. 1976, A1.

On burial of Richard S. Welch, the slain CIA chief of station, Athens, in Arlington National Cemetery.

Reuters. "Greece Arrests Suspect for First Nov. 17 Murder." 25 Jul. 2002. [http://news.lycos.com]

On 25 July 2002, Greek police arrested 46-year-old Pavlos Serifis, "a suspected member of the November 17 guerrilla band.... 'He participated with other members of the November 17 terrorist group in the murder of Athens CIA station chief Richard Welch on December 23, 1975,' police spokesman Lefteris Economou told a news conference."

Landler, Mark. "Greek Court Convicts 15 in 27-Year-Old Terror Group." New York Times, 9 Dec. 2003. [http://www.nytimes.com]

On 8 December 2003, a court in Athens found 15 members of the radical November 17 group "guilty of a string of assassinations [including Richard Welch, the CIA station chief, in 1975], car bombings and rocket attacks that stretched over nearly three decades" and claimed 23 victims. See also, Brian Murphy, "Members of Terror Group In Greece Found Guilty," Washington Post, 9 Dec. 2003, A17.

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