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On 16 May 1997, CIA's Historical Review Group released to National Archives and Records Administration the first group of declassified records on Operation PBSUCCESS, the CIA's 1954 covert action in Guatemala. This first release included more than 1,000 pages of operational records and two previously classified studies of the operation. Also released were 324 recordings from Operation SHERWOOD, an anti-Arbenz clandestine radio transmitter. Additional records will be released in the future. Center for the Study of Intelligence Newsletter 7 (Winter-Spring 1997): 1-2.

At http://www.foia.cia.gov/guatemala.asp, the CIA provides a collection of 5,120 documents (over 14,000 pages) on its involvement in the 1954 Guatemala coup. "These records encompass the events and circumstances causing U.S. policymakers to plan the overthrow of the Guatemalan Government in June 1954 as Cold War tensions mounted between the two superpowers...; CIA plans for and execution of the covert action; the outcome; and CIA historical analysis of CIA's performance and impact of the coup. The collection includes reviews of the event by CIA historians, administrative memos regarding operational plans and internal approvals; operational cable traffic; and summaries of the Sherwood tapes used for propaganda purposes."

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