Stasi Materials

September 1999


Dettmer, Jamie.

1. "Stasi Code Names in the U.S." Insight 15, no. 38 (24 Sep. 1999).

"Insight has unearthed the code names of Americans run by just one Stasi branch, the Leipzig-based Department XV. That department alone oversaw the spying of nine American moles in the mid- to late-1980s.... FBI sources say they have under active investigation a number of former East German and Russian spies. The Stasi files secured during the Insight/BBC investigation suggest there could be as many as 70. The FBI didn't discount this number."

2. "Stasi Recruits." Insight 15, no. 38 (24 Sep. 1999).

"A 15-month probe by Insight and the BBC uncovers a secret stash of East German intelligence documents detailing the recruitment of U.S. and U.K. agents....

"[F]or Communist spymasters,... [student exchange] programs had one use only: They served as a rich source for recruiting American and British students as long-term penetration agents who could be groomed to work their way into government jobs in their own countries -- or into other influential spots in journalism, business, higher education (including scientific and technical studies) or the military....

"Longtime HVA [Hauptverwaltung Aufklarung] head [Marcus] Wolf has acknowledged in an interview with Insight/BBC that his organization made strenuous efforts to recruit ... foreign students and academics and that Americans especially were important."

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