Sherman Kent

Davis, Jack. "The Kent-Kendall Debate of 1949." Studies in Intelligence 35, no. 2 (Summer 1991): 37-50. Studies in Intelligence 36, no. 5 (1992): 91-103.

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"Of the many individuals who paved a pathway for the development of intelligence analysis as a profession, [Sherman] Kent stands out -- both for his own contributions to analytic doctrine and practice, and for inspiring three generations of analysts to build on his efforts to meet changing times....  If intelligence analysis as a profession has a Founder, the honor belongs to Sherman Kent. This essay: (1) sketches Kent’s pre-CIA background, (2) tries to capture his colorful personality, (3) catalogues his contributions to the profession, (4) sets out his main analytic doctrines, and, finally, (5) outlines some of the unresolved challenges he left for later generations."

Davis, Jack. "Sherman Kent’s Final Thoughts on Analyst-Policymaker Relations." Occasional Papers 2, no. 3. Washington, DC: Central Intelligence Agency, The Sherman Kent Center for Intelligence Analysis, Jun. 2003.

"In a series of post-retirement [post-1967] lectures in training courses for CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency analysts, Kent addressed two recurring challenges in analyst-policymaker relations -- providing warning and analyzing intentions -- that he argued needed fresh examination by each new generation of practitioners.... While he admitted, in his final recorded thoughts on the issues, that his generation had found no failsafe formulas to ensure effective ties, he did point to the general paths that he believed needed to be taken."

Kent, Sherman.

Olcott, Anthony. "Revisiting the Legacy: Sherman Kent, Willmoore Kemdall, and George Pettee -- Strategic Intelligence in the Digital Age." Studies in Intelligence 53, no. 2 (Jun. 2009): 21-32.

"The views of Kendall and Pettee found little traction in their day but now seem to have important lessons for how the intelligence profession might change if those of us who practice it wish to escape extinction."

Steury, Donald P., ed. Sherman Kent and the Board of National Estimates: Collected Essays. Washington, DC: History Staff, Center for the Study of Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency, 1994.

Sherman Kent chaired the Board of National Estimates from 1952 to 1967. His influence in that time on the way the CIA and the intelligence community prepared the centerpiece National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs) was substantial. This book brings together some of his writings on intelligence topics. Of particular significance is his article "The Law and Custom of the National Intelligence Estimate."

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