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The subject-based organization of the main body of this bibliography is pointed toward nonspecialist student users, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. On the other hand, specialist users often seem to be looking for comments or other information on a particular work or works by a specific author. Thus, an alphabetically organized version of the authors represented in the subject-based presentation has been created.

The alphabetical categories are presented in table format. You should work across the rows, not down the columns, in searching for the appropriate alphabetical listing. The doubling of the letters has no substantive meaning, but has been done to provide a broader base for location of your browser.

A reminder that all comments are welcome:

  AA   BB   CC   DD
  EE   FF   GG   HH
  II   JJ   KK   LL
  MM   NN   OO   PP
  QQ   RR   SS   TT
  UU   VV   WW   XX
  YY   ZZ    

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