Wood, C. Norman [LTGEN/USAF (Ret.)].

1. "President's Commentary: Intelligence May Be Bent, But Not Broken." Signal, Oct. 1997, 14.

This is an opinion piece by the AFCEA President. He acknowledges that American intelligence "must respond to changes wrought by the post-Cold-War era and the information technology revolution." However, he argues that the solution "does not lie in a brute force reorganization or in chain-saw budget cutting." Interestingly, Wood supports efforts to "strengthen the hand of the ... DCI," and notes that the "[k]ey to success in this position is more control over intelligence resources."

2. "President's Commentary: Intelligence Increasingly Relies on Symbiotic Relationship." Signal, Oct. 1998, 14.

The AFCEA President argues that "human intelligence and technical collection serve to fill each other's gaps. The important element is that the two work in tandem."

3. "President's Commentary: Intelligence Is at a Crucial Crossroad." Signal, Oct. 1999, 14.

In this opinion piece, the AFCEA President argues that because of the "sense of uncertainty" that characterizes the post-Cold War era, the U.S. Intelligence Community needs to "take the initiative in developing a broad, cohesive plan for national intelligence. This effort must encompass specific funding requirements, new sensor and collection systems, information architectures and centralized authority" under a strengthened DCI.

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NSA analysts are now able "to post their photo, phone number and e-mail address" on a "highly secure network, called A-Space (the 'A' is for analysts)," with a "Facebook-like page accessible only to senior analysts at 16 other U.S. intelligence agencies." Maj. Gen. John DeFreitas, chief of analysis for the NSA, said in an interview at NSA headquarters at Fort Meade that "in what amounts to a major culture shift among spies, 'need to know' has become 'need to show.'"


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Dwyer, History Ireland 19.1 (Jan.-Feb. 2011), finds that while this book "provides many useful insights into what was happening in Ireland, it fails to show that so-called neutrality was really just a convenient myth that allowed the country to stay out of the conflict while secretly helping the Allies."


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