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[Interwar/U.S.; MI/Navy/ToWWII]

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[Navy/To90s; NRO/Overviews]

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According to Cain, JIH 4.2, the author resigned from Australia's Office of National Assessments (ONA) "in a blaze of publicity in protest at the decision of the Liberal Party-led government ... to join the invasion of Iraq in March 2003." Wilkie maintains that he "realised that the many documents and reports he had handled in ONA were being misused by the government to justify a war."


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Peake, Studies 54.1 (Mar. 2010) and Intelligencer 54.1 (Winter-Spring 2010), notes that this is "the official history" of the D-Notice System. The author "served as secretary to the Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee (DPBAC), the body that oversees" the D-Notice System. Wilkinson traces the DPBAC's "evolution in great detail" from the first such committee in 1912 until 1997. The work "is documented by official sources that are cited. It should be of great interest to all those concerned with national security, intelligence, and freedom of the press."


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