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The so-called "Munsinger Affair" of 1966 was not really a spy case; but, as the author points out, it was treated at the time by some, specifically the RCMP, as a potential sex-spy matter -- that is, a sex-spy-scandal waiting to happen or a might-have-been event. The author uses the Munsinger affair "as a means for exploring the range of contemporary [i.e., contemporaneous] Canadian attitudes concerning the nature of security threats to Canada and the proper role of government in protecting Canadian security."

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van Tilborg, Henk C.A., ed. Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security. New York: Springer Science+Business Media, 2005.

Kruh, Cryptologia 30.2 (Apr. 2006), says that "[t]his comprehensive encyclopedia provides easy access to information on all aspects of cryptography and security." It is presented in a style that "is expository and tutorial rather than detailed and technical."


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Pre-1914 Netherlands lacked a formal intelligence apparatus and had only a small diplomatic corps. Nevertheless, the country "did fairly well in gathering information and making military use of it. The Netherlands was the first country in Western Europe to mobilize ... and did this on the basis of closely held information received from inside Germany."

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[CA/80s; CIA/60s/Subsidies; Women/Misc/Groups]

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DCI "Robert Gates talks about Saddam Hussein's still hidden Scuds, the KGB's new goals and declassifying the J.F.K. assassination files."

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This review begins with the Continental Congress and continues through the Aspin/Brown Report of 1996.


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Constantinides: "Collier was a contract employee of CIA in charge of recruiting personnel.... He is thus able to give first-hand details on arrangements for cover, personnel selection[] and training, and on technical characteristics of the Glomar Explorer." The author "acquired details on what happened during the ship's mission from talking to certain crew members, which is not as trustworthy as personal knowledge." Collier "has a tendency" on some subjects of which he had no direct knowledge "to make assumptions ... without making it clear they are only that.... [Nevertheless,] this is the best book on the subject until someone composes a better version based on either official records or first-hand knowledge of the project from start to finish." Further to that last comment, see Polmar and White, Project Azorian (2010).


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Zeman, I&NS 21.4 (Aug. 2006), notes that Van Lew's "independent bent ... led her to flout the social norms of the period" and, in time, led her to become "the mistress of an enterprising and well-conducted spy ring."

To Levin, Civil War Book Review [], this is "a rich account of a complex and important figure in wartime Richmond." The author "provides a convincing analysis of why Van Lew was so successful in her acts of espionage throughout the war." This is a "highly readable book [that] contributes to our understanding of important issues related to the Civil War, including the importance of Unionist activity in the South, the ways in which women responded to the demands of war and the role of espionage in the Union war effort."


Varouhakis, Miron. "Greek Intelligence and the Capture of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan in 1999." Studies in Intelligence 53, no. 1 (Extracts, Mar. 2009): 11-17.

The effort of the Greek National Intelligence Agency (EYP) to transfer Ocalan from Greece to Kenya to avoid his capture by Turkish authorities "ended in a debacle and strained its relations with the United States, Turkey, and other nations."


Varouhakis, Miron. "An Institution-Level Theoretical Approach for Counterintelligence." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 24, no. 3 (Fall 2011): 494-509.

The author proposes supplementing CI's usual case-by-case approach with the insights available from organizational behavior.


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See also, Doug Abrahams, "Martin Mariette Wins Billion-Dollar Job," Washington Times, 26 Jul 1994, B7.


Vasile, Michael A. "Guerrilla Warfare in the American Civil War." [Originally found at, but no longer available. On 7/14/08, was informed by Louisiana State University Libraries personnel that "the LSU Civil War Center's website is no longer in operation."]

This is a very good introduction to some of the arguments that swirl around the nature and effect of guerrilla warfare in the Civil War. The author judiciously presents several points of view, avoids espousing a single view, and draws modest and supportable conclusions. The essay is well worth a read by anyone who is interested in the subject generally and has little background in the specifics.


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Rocca and Dziak note that the author was the last chief of the Tsarist secret service.


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Peake, Studies 51.3 (2007), says that this work "provides a detailed, stimulating account of the complex military, diplomatic, and intelligence relations among the allied government, the cantankerous Charles de Gaulle, the Vichy French, and numerous underground groups of various political persuasions ... in preparation for Operation TORCH, the invasion of North Africa."


Vaughan, James R. "'Cloak without Dagger': How the Information Research Department Fought Britain's Cold War in the Middle East, 1948-56." Cold War History 4, no. 3 (Apr. 2004): 56-84.

From Abstract: This article "concludes that although IRD's Middle Eastern operation before the 1956 Suez Crisis must ultimately be regarded as a failure, the frequently employed caricature of IRD as a group of doctrinaire Cold Warriors is misplaced and that, by the eve of the Suez Crisis, IRD had evolved into a flexible instrument of psychological warfare which, in the Middle East, was to be primarily employed against anti-British nationalist movements."


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Wilford, I&NS 22.6 (Dec. 2007), finds that this work "is firmly grounded in extensive archival research on both sides of the Atlantic.... The prose is remarkably assured ... and the material is well organized."


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