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Petersen finds this "[h]elpful in identifying items of intelligence interest."


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[CA/80s; Overviews/Legal]

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Katharine Gun, a former GCHQ translator, "appeared in court [on 27 November 2003] charged with leaking details of a proposed Anglo-American operation to eavesdrop on members of the UN Security Council before the war in Iraq.... Gun ... was sacked following the publication of an article in the Observer alleging that the Americans had requested British help in intercepting Security Council communications."


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Katharine Gun, former GCHQ linguist, "escaped prosecution [on 25 February 2004] despite admitting that she leaked a top secret email about an Anglo-American operation to eavesdrop on members of the United Nations Security Council before the Iraq war.... [T]he Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence against Mrs Gun, despite her contravention of the Official Secrets Act. It gave no explanation and it was left only for the judge to record a not guilty verdict." See also, PA News, "Case against GCHQ Whistleblower Dropped," Times (London), 26 Feb. 2004.


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Former GCHQ translator Katharine Gun was charged on 13 November 2003 with "passing classified information to an unauthorised person under Section 1 (1) of the Official Secrets Act." The charge follows publication of an article in The Observer in March "disclosing a request from the Americans for GCHQ's help in intercepting diplomatic traffic to help predict the outcome of any vote on Iraq at the UN." It is understood "Gun's lawyers will not dispute that she was the source of the article but will argue that she was justified in disclosing the information."


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