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On 1 April 1992, DCI Gates told joint Senate and House intelligence committees about organizational decisions coming out of the 14 task forces established in November 1991. The two committee chairmen "challenged Gates' decision not to create an agency in charge of all satellite and aerial reconnaissance," as had been recommended by the imagery task force.


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This is the Report of the President's Special Review Board, also known as the Tower Commission, which reviewed the operations of the National Security Council (NSC) in the wake of the Iran-Contra revelations. Excerpts of the report are available at:

NameBase notes that the report "was ... critical of Reagan's 'management style' and provided one of the first official confirmations of the NSC's arms-for-hostages policy. Internal memos and PROF notes (computer mail) between the major players were quoted in detail, and a major portion of North's private funding network was exposed."

See also, U.S. President, Implementation of the Recommendations of the President's Special Review Board: Message. Washington, DC: GPO, 1987.


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According to senior counter-terrorism sources, "the threat from dissidents attacking the mainland 'now goes beyond an aspiration' and ... they now possess the means to mount an attack across the Irish Sea. Amid rising tension in the province and fears of an 'Easter offensive' by dissident groups, police in Northern Ireland also warned that anti-ceasefire republicans were plotting to kill more police officers."

[UK/PostCW/2011; UK/Postwar/IRA]

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"A strong case can be made that for twenty years the Soviet Union was able to encourage in the minds of key US decision makers the spiral model of international relations and denigrate the deterrence model.... Clouseau ... will perhaps become the metaphor for US central intelligence during the Cold War."


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Surveillant 4.2: "Primary (and very extensive) documents of the period."


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