Times (London)


Times (London). "[Leading Article:] Agents and Ministers: Straw's Statement Leaves Important Questions Unanswered." 14 Sep. 1999. [http://www.the-times.co.uk]

"The apparent confirmation that two former Labour MPs ... were, as had often been suspected, active KGB agents is scarcely more shocking than the fact that the Prime Minister was not aware of this or any other part of the Mitrokhin trove until a matter of days ago.... The issue at stake is ... whether the [security] agencies themselves should have had almost exclusive authority" over the making of decisions.


Times (London). "Story That Set the Agenda." 13 Sep. 1999. [http://www.the-times.co.uk]

"The revelation in The Times ... that Melita Norwood ... betrayed Britain for 40 years, making her the most valued female KGB spy in history, has set the domestic news agenda in the past two days and dominated news bulletins across the world."


Times (London). "[Leading Article:] Well Schooled Spies." 20 Sep. 1999. [http://www. the-times.co.uk]

"Higher education is not always matched by common sense."


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