Juan O. Tamayo


Tamayo, Juan O. "Canada Orders Cuban Envoy Back Home." Miami Herald, 29 Feb. 2000. [http://www.herald.com]

"An angry Canadian government ordered" Cuban diplomat Jose Imperatori "to leave Canada" by the evening of 28 February 2000, and "end his 'publicity seeking attempt to remain in Ottawa.'" See also, Steven Pearlstein, "Cuban Deported By U.S. Defies Order to Leave Canada," Washington Post, 1 Mar. 2000, A11.


Tamayo, Juan O. "Cuban Diplomat Expelled Over Spy Link." Miami Herald, 20 Feb. 2000. [http://www.herald.com]

"The head of the Cuban Interests Section, Fernando Remirez, said in Santiago de Cuba that his government will not willingly bring home the diplomat targeted for expulsion.... Remirez said the government would recommend that the official 'remain in United States territory to give testimony and demonstrate the total falseness of this accusation.'"


Tamayo, Juan O. "N.Y. Contact of Alleged Spy Denies Giving Cuba Secrets." Miami Herald, 24 Feb. 2000. [http://www.herald.com]

In an interview with the Univision television network in Monaco on 23 February 2000, Cuban-born Pedro Font, "linked to accused Cuban spy Mariano Faget," confirmed that "he has known Faget since childhood and had met with diplomats attached to the Cuban Interests Section in Washington" but "denied ... that he passed secrets to Cuba."


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