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Swearingen, M. Wesley. FBI Secrets: An Agent's Exposé. Boston: South End Press,1995.

Surveillant 4.2 notes that several retired Bureau officials "have stated ... that portions of the book where they are mentioned contain significant inaccuracies, so readers are warned." Nonetheless, there are significant accusations in this book, including "many tales of institutionalized corruption" at the Bureau. According to Namebase, the author "spent 25 years in the FBI.... Most of his career was spent on political cases.... Swearingen is the first agent to offer an explosive inside look at the FBI's COINTELPRO program."


Sweeney, Conor. "Russia Expels Two Czech Diplomats in Spy Row." Reuters, 18 Aug. 2009. [http://www.reuters.com]

Interfax news agency reported on 18 August 2009 that "Russia has ordered two Czech diplomats out of Russia.... The expulsion follows Czech media reports on [17 August 2009] that two Russians had been ordered out of Prague, including a deputy military attache."

[OtherCountries/Czech; Russia/00s/09]

Sweeney, John. Trading with the Enemy: Britain's Arming of Iraq. London: Pan Books, 1993.

Sweeney, John, Jens Holsoe, and Ed Vulliamy. "NATO Bombed Chinese Deliberately." The Observer, 17 Oct. 1999. [http://www.observer.co.uk]

"NATO deliberately bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade during the war in Kosovo after discovering it was being used to transmit Yugoslav army communications. According to senior military and intelligence sources in Europe and the US, the Chinese embassy was removed from a prohibited targets list after NATO electronic intelligence (Elint) detected it sending army signals to Milosevic's forces." Reuters, "NATO Bombed Chinese Embassy Deliberately -- UK Paper," 16 Oct. 1999, and Associated Press, "NATO Denies Deliberate Embassy Hit," 17 Oct. 1999, quote NATO officials as denying The Observer's report.


Sweeney, Michael S. Secrets of Victory: The Office of Censorship and the American Press and Radio in World War II. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2001.

According to Hanyok, Studies 46.3 (2002), "[h]ow and why ... information restrictions succeeded are the subjects" of this "well-told, lean history."


Sweeney, Walter C. Military Intelligence: A New Weapon in War. New York: Stokes, 1924. [Petersen]

[Interwar/U.S.; MI/Overviews]

Sweet-Escott, Bickham. Baker Street Irregular. London: Methuen, 1965.

Sweetman, Bill. "Global Hawk Leads Surveillance UAV Charge." Interavia, Oct. 2000, 55-60.


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Swenson, Allan, and Michael Benson. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the CIA.  Indianapolis, IN:  Alpha Books, 2003. 

Jonkers, AFIO WIN 47-02 (11 Dec. 2002), notes that this book is "intentionally aim[ed] for the popular market and written in a way understandable to the general public." However, "[i]t contains a wealth of information, plainly and concisely stated.... For those seeking a popular, easy to understand baseline understanding of intelligence,... this book is a good way to start."

For Peake, Studies 47.3, while this book is "filled with clichés," it also "gives a good overview of the organization, mission, history, and functions" of the CIA.  "A number of helpful appendices clarify abbreviations and provide definitions..., a bibliography, and a list of other relevant intelligence organizations.  The historical facts sprinkled throughout should not, however, be accepted on faith."


Swenson, Russell G. "The Elements of Intelligence Readiness." Defense Intelligence Journal 3, no. 1 (Spring 1994): 53-74.

Swenson, Russell G. "Intelligence Education in the Americas." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 16, no. 1 (Spring 2003): 108-130.

"Political centralization remains intact in South and Central American countries, to such a degree that, despite regional differences in intelligence professionalization through formal educational arrangements, a sustainable framework for generating impartial strategic intelligence judgments does not yet exist."


Swenson, Russell G., ed. Bringing Intelligence About: Practitioners Reflect on Best Practices. Washington, DC: Joint Military Intelligence College, 2003. Available at: http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/dia/bring_intel_about.pdf.

From "Introduction": "This book is the product of studious self-reflection by currently serving [italics in original] intelligence professionals, as well as by those who are in a position, with recent experience and continuing contacts, to influence the development of succeeding generations of intelligence personnel. Contributors ... represent eight of the fourteen organizations that make up the National Foreign Intelligence Community."

Wheaton, AIJ 30.1 (2012), finds that "many of the articles in this edited volume still resonate."


Swenson, Russell G., ed. Intelligence for Multilateral Decision and Action. Washington, DC: Joint Military Intelligence College, 1997.

Macartney, Intelligencer 9.1, identifies this work as "a super collection of first-person accounts of lessons learned in what's been called the 'internationalization of US intelligence,'" that is, the use of classified U.S. intelligence products in such situations as multinational peacekeeping operations. The authors are MA candidates at the JMIC, who are veterans of recent coalition operations.


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