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The author uses "American policy- and intelligence-making in the period leading up to the 1973 Yom Kippur War and to the 1948 Berlin Blockade ... to illustrate coping, under very difficult circumstances, with the clash between a theory of non-belligerant foreign state intentions and alarm about those same intentions."


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"Needed is a single, integrated intelligence enterprise with well-defined lanes-in-the-road for each large, complicated state like New York.... [T]his challenge is as daunting at the state level as it has been in the national Intelligence Community (IC)."


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The author argues for recreating the CIA (renamed) as a covert action and HUMINT collection organization, while transferring its present analytic, open source, and technology development responsibilities to the DNI or other IC components. In this fashion, the policy aspects of covert action would be separated from intelligence, thereby restoring the "red line" between the two.

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Steiner, Susie, and Tracy Connor. "Academic Spied on German Writer." Times (London), 20 Sep. 1999. []

British academic Gwyneth Edwards, who is named in Stasi files as an agent, was accused on 19 September 1999 "of providing information on" Joachim Walther, "one of East Germany's most eminent writers when he visited her university in the Midlands." Her actions "may have led to ... Walther losing his permission to travel in 1983."


Steiner, Susie, and Tracy Connor. "Handlers Scuppered Spy's Love Affair." Times (London), 20 Sep. 1999. []

According to the BBC on 19 September 1999, Hull University professor of economics Robin Pearson "was considered such an important agent that his East German handlers sabotaged a love affair they thought would keep him from returning [fromLeipzig] to England."


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