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Socolar, Milton J. Economic Espionage: The Threat to U.S. Industry. Washington, DC: U.S. General Accounting Office, 1992.

At the time of this testimony before the Subcommittee on Economic and Commercial Law, Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, on 29 April 1992, Socolar was Special Assistant to the Comptroller General, GAO. He stated that the "criminal justice and intelligence agencies have not adequately addressed" the problem of economic espionage.


Socolovsky, Jerome. "CIA Releases Lockerbie Evidence." Associated Press, 28 Aug. 2000. []

According to the chief prosecutor in the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing trial, "[t]he CIA has given a foreign court unprecedented access to secret dispatches from one of its spies,... a former Libyan agent who offered his services to the CIA .... Lawyers for two Libyans accused in the Lockerbie case have been given revised texts of dispatches from the Libyan double agent, known as Abdul Majid Giaka."


Socolovsky, Jerome. "Lockerbie Defense Accuses CIA." Associated Press, 29 Aug. 2000. []

"Testimony from a former CIA double agent was delayed [on 29 August 2000] in the Lockerbie bombing trial after defense lawyers alleged that the spy agency may be concealing evidence on the explosion. Judges ordered Scotland's chief prosecutor to 'use his best endeavors' with the CIA to obtain the missing information before they call the spy ... to the stand."


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Sofia Globe. "Bulgaria's Defence Minister Fires Head of Military Intelligence." 9 Mar. 2015.

According to the Defence Ministry on 9 March 2015, "Bulgarian Defence Minister Nikolai Nenchev has fired the director of Military Intelligence, Vesselin Ivanov.... Nenchev said that he had been unable to reach consensus on important issues regarding Military Intelligence's work, especially regarding human resources development, 'where 39 per cent of senior staff were appointed before 1991.' ... The reasons for Ivanov's dismissal included a need for greater interoperability with Nato services."

Sofia New Agency, "Yordan Bakalov Takes Over Bulgaria's Military Intelligence Service," 19 May 2015: "Bulgarian Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev announced on [19 May 2015] he has appointed Yordan Bakalov, a former interim Interior Minister, as head of the Defense Information Service."


Sofranac, Paul. "Data Mining and Intelligence Outsourcing." Marine Corps Gazette, Mar. 1999, 45-46.

"Automated intelligence gathering mechanisms, while impressive, should not replace the human element of intelligence analysis."


Søilen, Klaus Solberg. Introduction to Private and Public Intelligence: The Swedish School of Competitive Intelligence. Lund: Studentlitteratur, 2005.

From "Preface": This "book is not about state and military intelligence, and it is not about the history of intelligence.... The book is primarily about private intelligence." (pp. 7-8)


Sokolski, Henry. Fighting Proliferation: The Role of Intelligence. Working Group on Intelligence Reform. Washington, DC: Consortium for the Study of Intelligence, 1993.

Surveillant 3.4/5: "Deputy for Non-Proliferation Policy, Office of the Secretary of Defense, 1989-1993."

[CIA/Requirements; GenPostwar/Issues/Proliferation]

Sokolski, Henry. "Fighting Proliferation with Intelligence." Orbis 38, no. 2 (Spring 1994): 245-260.


Soldatov, Andrei, and Irina Borogan.

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Taylor, I&NS 8.4, calls Radio Warfare an "invaluable book about the origins of ... psychological operations.... [It is] well-researched."

[CA/Radio; WWII/OSS/Gen & PsyWar]

Soley, Lawrence C., and John S. Nichols. Clandestine Radio Broadcasting: A Study of Revolutionary and Counterrevolutionary Broadcasting. New York: Praeger, 1986.


Solin, Gail. "The Art of China Watching." Studies in Intelligence 19, no. 1 (Spring 1975): 23-33

The focus here is on the state of the art of China watching. It deals with the problems that China analysts face; with the analysts' available tools, techniques, and assets; and with the confidence level the analysts may have in their product.


Soll, Jacob. The Information Master: Jean-Baptiste Colbert's Secret State Intelligence System. Ann Arbor, MI: The University of Michigan Press, 2009.

"Colbert was Louis XIV's Controller-General of Finances from 1665 to 1683 [Soll, Information Master]." Cited in Stéphane Lefebvre, "A Brief Genealogy of State Secrecy," Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 31, no 1 (2013): 103/fn.5.


Solomon, John. "In Intelligence World, A Mute Watchdog: Panel Reported No Violations for Five Years." Washington Post, 15 Jul. 2007, A3. []

In a report in May 2007, the Justice Department told the House Judiciary Committee that the President's Intelligence Oversight Board [IOB], "the principal civilian watchdog of the intelligence community," sent no "reports to the attorney general of legal violations during the first 5 1/2 years of the Bush administration's counterterrorism effort."

[GenPostCW/00s/07/Gen; Oversight/00s]

Solovyov, Dmitry. "Russia's Medvedev Sacks Military Spy Chief." Reuters, 24 Apr. 2009. []

On 24 April 2009, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev fired GRU head Gen. Valentin Korabelnikov. The move "underscores strained ties with some of the military top brass over a Kremlin-backed reform of the armed forces." Korabelnikov will be replaced by his deputy, Alexander Shlyakhturov.


Solovyov, Vladimir. "Knowing the KGB." Partisan Review 49 (1982): 167-183.

Rocca and Dziak: "A most insightful, monitory appraisal."


Solovyov, Vladimir, and Elena Klepikova. Behind the High Kremlin Walls. New York: Dodd, Mead, 1986.

A Publishers Weekly (1986) review notes that "[l]ike all gossip, this is hard to credit with certainty, especially since many of the sources relied on by Solovyov and Klepikova, former Russian journalists now living in Manhattan, are in the Soviet Union. Still, the authors ... seem to have access to reliable informants and there is much here to intrigue Eastern Europewatchers."


Soltikow, Michael Graf. Im Zentrum der Abwehr: Meine Jahre bei Admiral Canaris. [In the Center of the Abwehr: My Years with Admiral Canaris] Gütersloh: Prisma Verlag, 1986.

Acording to Kahn, I&NS 23.2 (Apr. 2008), the author "talks as much about his experiences with Nazi officials and generals as he does about Canaris."


Sommer, Mark. "Getting the Message Through: Clandestine Mail and Postage Stamps." Military Intelligence 18, no. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 1992): 35-38.

Examples from World War II and Vietnam.


Sommers, Marilyn B. "Law Enforcement Intelligence: A New Look." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 1, no. 3 (1986): 25-40.

This article deals with the subject of "law enforcement intelligence analysis" and why "strategic analysis" should be practiced by law enforcement agencies.


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