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To Peake, Studies 56.3 (Sep. 2012) and Intelligencer 19.3 (Winter-Spring 2013), this work provides "a valuable mix of case studies, institutional descriptions, organizational relationships, and commentary on key personnel." The book "documents the extent of Chinese global reach in espionage, including cyberespionage, and is the best reference work on the subject to date." Mattis, Studies 56.4 (Dec. 2012), is less than enthusiastic about this work, calling it "incomplete, often misleading, and ultimately" providing "a shaky foundation for building understanding of the challenge" represented by the PRC. Nevertheless, "on its technical merits, the book makes a lot of material readily accessible."

[China/Gen/10s; RefMat/Dictionaries/Historical]

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Constantinides notes that Smith served with the CIA from 1950 to 1973. This book looks at the CIA "from the perspective of the case officer" and "gives the reader the feel and smell of operations." Smith does not clarify his motives for publishing these memoirs, which leaves the reader unsure of the author's objectivity.


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Smith traces the history of CIA daily analytic support to the President from the CIG's Daily Summary, which began 15 February 1946, to today's President's Daily Brief.


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"The crucial lesson" to be drawn for SNIE 85-3-62 "is that simply being aware of our mental traps is not enough. To reduce the potential for analytic errors, some form of analytic structuring technique must be used to overcome cognitive traps." See Sherman Kent, "A Crucial Estimate Relived." Studies in Intelligence 8, no. 2 (Spring 1964): 1-18; and Studies in Intelligence 36, no. 5 (1992): 111-119.

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Smith, Myron J., Jr.

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