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The author argues the need for streamlining the management structure of the military departments. Eliminating the positions of service secretaries and their secretariats is offered as one alternative for reaching this goal. However, Smith notes that such a move is probably not politically feasible, suggesting instead the "full integration of the service secretaries and their secretariats with the military chiefs of staff and their staffs."

[MI/Management; Reform/90s/Mil][c]

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From abstract: "German weather reports were decrypted swiftly enough to enable 15th Air Force meteorologists to use them, together with reports from Allied and neutral sources, to predict the rare times of the perfectly clear weather required to bomb targets visually in Central Europe."


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Therkelsen, Studies 13.1 (Winter 1969), comments that "the literature about the Okhrana has remained ... essentially one-sided, all contra, with only an occasional morsel of pro and, therefore, hardly anything objective in-between." (italics in original) Smith's bibliography has not avoided this problem. Over two-thirds of the 909 entries refer to newspaper articles and editorials which "are almost exclusively from the revolutionary and post-revolutionary Communist and other leftist press." The reviewer is also bothered by the absence of materials on the Okhrana's counterintelligence activities against Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey in World War I. And there are "still other materials, some well-known," that would have been appropriate to include in the bibliography. "With [a] few exceptions, the book is properly and well indexed..., but more consistency in transliterating proper names would normally be expected in an academic publication."


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