Mary Beth Sheridan


Sheridan, Mary Beth, and Spencer S. Hsu. "Localities Operate Intelligence Centers to Pool Terror Data: 'Fusion' Facilities Raise Privacy Worries as Wide Range of Information Is Collected." Washington Post, 31 Dec. 2006, A3. []

"Frustrated by poor federal cooperation, U.S. states and cities are building their own network of intelligence centers led by police to help detect and disrupt terrorist plots. The new 'fusion centers' are now operating in 37 states ... and another covers the Washington area, according to the Department of Homeland Security. The centers ... pool and analyze information from local, state and federal law enforcement officials."


Sheridan, Mary Beth, and Jerry Markon. "U.S., Russian Planes Swap 14 Spies in Vienna." Washington Post, 9 Jul. 2010. [http://www.]

News services report that "[t]wo airplanes ... landed at Vienna's international airport early [on 9 July 2010].... After a brief time on the ground, the planes reportedly took off again ... apparently to deliver those on board to their respective destinations. The 10 accused spies who were expelled from the U.S. are headed to Russia,... while the four who had been jailed in Russia are being sent to the West." See also, Nicholas Kulish, Peter Baker, and Ellen Barry, "Prisoner Swap in Vienna Ends U.S.-Russia Espionage Case," New York Times, 9 July 2010.


Sheridan, Mary Beth, and Joby Warrick. "Mubarak Resignation Throws into Question U.S.-Egyptian Counterterrorism Work." Washington Post, 13 Feb. 2011. []

The ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak puts into question the future of the decades-long cooperation between U.S. and Egyptian intelligence agencies in counterterrorism operations. "Some U.S. officials and analysts say they are not overly worried, noting the continued strong role of the Egyptian military and the fact that the United States gives Egypt more than $1.3 billion a year in military aid." Robert Grenier, former head of the CIA's counterterrorism center and now chairman of the consulting firm of ERG Partners, "predicted the relationship would continue even if the Muslim Brotherhood controlled the next government."

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Sheridan, Mary Beth, and Del Quentin Wilber. "A Slow Burn Becomes a Raging Fire: Disdain for U.S. Policies May Have Led to Alleged Spying for Cuba." Washington Post, 7 Jun. 2009. []

"The State Department and intelligence community are investigating how much damage the alleged spying" of Walter Kendall Myers and Gwendolyn Myers "may have done. Myers had worked as a European political expert for more than 20 years at the State Department, and had been associated with its Bureau of Intelligence and Research from 1988 until his retirement in 2007."


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