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Shapira, Ian. "CIA Memoirs Offer Revelations and Settle Scores Among Spies." Washington Post, 4 Jun. 2012. []

"The proliferation of CIA memoirs has been fueled by the public's appetite for insider accounts into the country's war on terrorism.... The books often command six-figure advances, generate headlines and propel their authors onto network television shows.... [T]he memoirs unspool secrets not easily obtainable under the Freedom of Information Act. Tales about recruiting informants or office gamesmanship at Langley often find their way past the agency's Publications Review Board." Other memoirs are on the way, including from Jack Devine and John Rizzo.


Shapira, Ian. "For CIA Family, a Deadly Suicide Bombing Leads to Painful Divisions." Washington Post, 28 Jan. 2012. []

This article looks at the impact on Gary Anderson and his three children of the death of their wife and mother, Jennifer Matthews, in the December 2009 suicide bombing at the CIA installation in Khost, Afghanistan.

See also, Jennifer Skalka, "Slent Stars: The Secretive Life of Jennifer Matthews and an Inside Look at a Bloody, Unfinished War," Intelligencer 19.1 (Winter-Spring 2012): 25-31. [Originally published in the January 2011 issue of Washingtonian magazine.]


Shapira, Ian. "Italy's High Court Upholds Convictions of 23 Americans in Abu Omar Rendition." Washington Post, 19 Sep. 2012. []


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Sharfman, Daphna, and Ephraim Kahana. "Combating Terrorism With Intelligence: The Normative Debate in Israel." International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence 25, no. 3 (Fall 2012): 546-570.

The authors "present an analysis of Israel's legal and practical policies concerning the collection of intelligence in its struggle against terrorism in the quarter century following the report of the Landau Commission [1987]."


Sharfman, Peter. "Intelligence Analysis in an Age of Electronic Dissemination." Intelligence and National Security 10, no. 4 (Oct. 1995): 201-211.

"Electronic dissemination will fundamentally change the relationship between the intelligence analyst and his or her customer...; moreover, in doing so electronic dissemination will bring significant changes in the ways in which intelligence analysts work."


Sharkey, Sean. "My Role as an Intelligence Officer with the Third Tipperary Brigade (1919-1921)." Tipperary Historical Journal (1998): 95-104.


Sharma, Yojana. "Germany Liquidates Its Blundering Spy Service." Telegraph (London), 26 Jul. 1998. []

German Chancellor Kohl's office has announced that "Volker Foertsch, long-time head of counter-intelligence within the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) spy service, is to be transferred to another job and his entire 500-strong department dissolved." This shake-up comes "after a series of gaffes and scandals that have harmed relations with its intelligence partners in London and Washington."


Sharman, Jackson R., III. "Embassy Spy's Conviction Upheld: Court Denies Lonetree Appeal." National Security Law Report 15, no. 1 (Jan. 1993): 3-4.

United States v. Lonetree, No. 65,642 (NMCM 88 2414) (United States Ct. Mil. App. Sept. 28, 1992).



Shaughnessy, Larry. "Air Force Hero's Actions in Laos Finally Recognized After 42 Years." CNN, 3 Sep. 2010. []

The White House announced on 3 September 2010 that "President Obama will award the Medal of Honor ... to Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Richard Etchberger for his valor in saving the lives of three wounded comrades at a then-secret base [Lima Site 85] in Laos in [March] 1968.... After Etchberger saved his fellow airmen, he was shot and killed by enemy fighters. His heroics were kept a secret for years because the United States wasn't supposed to have troops in Laos during the Vietnam War.... The ceremony for Etchberger, which will include his three sons, is scheduled for September 21 at the White House."

On Lima Site 85 see Timothy N. Castle, One Day Too Long (1999); and, for a more succinct version, James C. Linder, "The War in Laos: The Fall of Lima Site 85," Studies in Intelligence 38, no. 5 (1995): 79-88.


Shaver, Peter A. [LTCOL/USA (Ret.)]. "USAIC&FH: Foreign Language Initiatives." Military Intelligence 24, no. 3 (Jul.-Sep. 1998): 45-46.


Shaw, Tony. "The Information Research Department of the Foreign Office and the Korean War, 1950-1953." Journal of Contemporary History 34, no. 2 (1999): 263-281.


Shaw, Terence. "Democratic Rights that Allowed Blake to Keep the Profits of His Treachery." Telegraph (London), 22 Apr. 1996. []

In opposing Blake's right to profit from his memoirs, the Government argued that "even if they did not disclose confidential information..., former SIS members owed a lifelong duty of fidelity to the Crown.... Vice-Chancellor Sir Richard Scott said the Crown's insistence on this lifelong duty was an interference with Blake's rights of free expression safeguarded by the European Convention on Human Rights."


Shaw, Terence. "Spy 'Must Not Profit from His Memoirs.'" Telegraph (London), 2 Apr. 1996. []

George Blake should not be allowed to keep £90,000 in profits from his memoirs, No Other Choice, the British High Court was told on 1 April 1996. "The case is being brought against Blake and his London publisher, Jonathan Cape, which has been holding the profits from the book, published in 1989, which were frozen under an earlier court order."


Shawcross, Wiliam. "The Case of the Pampered Spy." Reader's Digest, Jun. 1988, 117 ff.

Arne Treholt case in Norway.


Shayler, David. "Let Me Be Heard." Spectator, 20 Jun. 1998, 20-21.

The former MI5 employee argues that the parliamentary oversight committee responsible for the intelligence services should hear his evidence. He characterizes his former employers as "Britain's arrogant and largely unaccountable, Oxbridge-dominated, self-styled intelligence elite."


Shchipanov, Mikhail. "A Reliable Partner for Intelligence-Gathering." Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press, 7 Feb. 1996, 18-19.

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"Tracking down Soviet underground nuclear explosions."


Sheafer, Edward D., Jr. [RADM] "Navy HUMINT." American Intelligence Journal 14, no 1 (Autumn-Winter 1993-1994): 21-22.

[MI/Humint/90s & Navy/90s][c]

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