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Schmidt, Susan. "Broader Probe of Terror Threat Underway; Panel Looks Beyond Intelligence Failures, Into U.S. Government's Response." Washington Post, 27 Jul. 2003, A10. [http://www.]

"The bipartisan commission appointed by Congress and President Bush is conducting what participants believe is the most ambitious government investigation in history, looking not only into intelligence failures, as the congressional committee did, but much more broadly at how the U.S. government responded to the terrorist threat." Commission Chairman Thomas H. Kean said that newly available information "may provide new facts and lead to some recommendations that are different from those of the joint [Congressional] committee."


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"Top FBI officials have told members of Congress that every Chinese counterintelligence case investigated by the FBI since at least 1991 may have been compromised by a suspected agent of the Chinese government arrested in Los Angeles this week. The unfolding spy case, involving alleged Chinese double agent Katrina M. Leung and her FBI contact, former senior China counterintelligence agent James J. Smith, will require major damage assessment of Chinese espionage and technology transfer investigations, according to congressional leaders who have been briefed on the probe."


Schmidt, Susan, and Dana Priest. "Civilian Charged In Beating of Afghan Detainee." Washington Post, 18 Jun. 2004, A1. []

On 17 June 2004, a grand jury in North Carolina indicted David A. Passaro, "[a] former Army Special Forces soldier working as a contractor for the CIA in Afghanistan," on charges of "brutally assaulting a prisoner during three days of interrogations that ended in the Afghan man's death" on 21 June 2003. A U.S. official said that "Passaro was part of a clandestine paramilitary team made up of U.S. Special Forces and CIA personnel who capture and interrogate Taliban and al Qaeda members."

[CIA/00s/04/Gen; MI/Ops/Afghanistan]

Schmidt, Susan, and Thomas E. Ricks. "Pentagon Plans Shift in War on Terror." Washington Post, 18 Sep. 2002, A1. [http//]

Government sources report that "[t]he Pentagon is preparing to consolidate control of most of the global war on terrorism under the U.S. Special Operations Command [SOCOM],... signaling an intensified but more covert approach to the next phase in the battle against al Qaeda and other international terrorist groups."


 Schmidt, Susan, and David Von Drehle. "Hill's 9/11 Probe Finds Multiple Failures." Washington Post, 25 Jul. 2003, A1. []

According to the joint investigation report by the House and Senate intelligence committees, released on 24 July 2003, the al Qaeda hijackers "were in contact with as many as 14 people who had turned up in previous FBI counterterrorism investigations -- at least four of whom were under active FBI investigation.... The U.S. intelligence community 'failed to fully capitalize' on information that might have allowed agents to unravel the hijack plot, the joint committee concluded, and bungled clues that should have led the FBI to two or more of the terrorists before they could act."


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