Rowan Scarborough


Scarborough, Rowan. "Intercepts Foretold of 'Big Attack.'" Washington Times, 22 Sep. 2001. []

According to a senior administration official, "[t]he day before terrorists struck the United States, its intelligence agencies detected discussions between Osama bin Laden's lieutenants of an impending 'big attack'.... The official said ... that the detection was not discovered until days after the Sept. 11 assault.... The time lapse is typical of intelligence analyses, in which computers sift through loads of that day's collection to find valuable material."


Scarborough, Rowan. "Lack of Translators Still Hampers Intelligence; Congress Warns about Weakness in the War on Terror." Washington Times, 31 Aug. 2009, A1. []

In its 2010 budget report, the SSCI wrote that "[t]he necessary cadre of U.S. intelligence personnel capable of reading and speaking targeted regional languages such as Pashto, Dari and Urdu 'remains essentially nonexistent.' ... Intelligence officials say they've offered significant sums of money to try to lure more translators, but recruitment remains slow and some attractive candidates have trouble passing the review for security clearances.... The Senate committee is looking for results. It wants agencies to develop a comprehensive strategy by year's end, and it added budget money to fix what it called 'this perpetual problem.'"


Scarborough, Rowan. "Pentagon Wants Intelligence Czar." Washington Times, 26 Jun. 2002, 1.


Scarborough, Rowan. Sabotage: America's Enemies within the CIA. Washington, DC: Regnery, 2007.

Clark comment: The flag-line on the inside flap tells us all we need to know about this book: "How Bush-hating CIA Bureaucrats Are Sabotaging the War on Terror." Weisman, Intelligencer 15.3 (Summer-Fall 2007), notes that there are plenty of accusations in this book; but the author does not name very many of the "CIA bureaucrats" who are the object of his ire, "or pin down who leaked what or to whom." Scarborough's work is "deficient in specifics."


Scarborough, Rowan. "U.S. Search for bin Laden Intensifies." Washington Times, 23 Feb. 2004. []

"The Pentagon is moving elements of a supersecret commando unit from Iraq to the Afghanistan theater to step up the hunt for Osama bin Laden. A Defense Department official said there are two reasons for repositioning parts of Task Force 121: First, most high-value human targets in Iraq, including Saddam Hussein, have been caught or killed. Second, intelligence reports are increasing on the whereabouts of bin Laden, the terror leader behind the September 11 attacks."


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