Laurance F. Safford


Safford, Laurance F. [CAPT/USN (Ret.)] A Brief History of Communications Intelligence in the United States. Designated as SRH-149 in the U.S. National Archives, Washington, D.C. Text available at and at

A "Reviewer's Note" accompanying this item states that it was prepared 21-27 March, 1952, and certified to be declassified by the NSA Director on 6 March 1982.


Safford, Laurance F. "From the Archives: 'The Functions and Duties of the Cryptography Section, Naval Communications.'" Cryptologia 16, no. 3 (Jul. 1992): 265-281.


Safford, Laurance, and J.N. Wenger. U.S. Naval Communications Intelligence Activities. Laguna Hills, CA: Aegean Park Press, 1993.

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