Gordon L. Rottman


Rottman, Gordon L. The Cabanatuan Prison Raid: The Philippines 1945. Oxford: Osprey, 2009.

From publisher: "On January 27, 1945, the 6th Ranger Battalion and the 6th Army Special Reconnaissance Unit (the Alamo Scouts) began the most dangerous and important mission of their careers to rescue 500 American, British and Dutch prisoners-of-war held at a camp near Cabanatuan.... [W]ith the help of a Filipino guerilla force, they managed to liberate 513 prisoners and kill 225 Japanese in 15 minutes, while only suffering two losses themselves." See also, Sides, Ghost Soldiers (2002).


Rottman, Gordon L. The Great Locomotive Chase: The Andrews Raid 1862. Oxford: Osprey, 2009.


Rottman, Gordon L. US Army Special Forces 1952-84. London: Osprey, 1985.

Brief (64 pages) presentation with a focus on uniforms and equipment.


Rottman, Gordon L. US Special Warfare Units in the Pacific Theater 1941-45: Scouts, Raiders, Rangers and Reconnaissance Units. London: Osprey, 2005. [pb]

From back cover: "The bitter fighting in the Pacific Theater required new forms of warfare, and the gathering of detailed intelligence information on the remote and varied islands and their determined defenders. As a result, new scout, raider and reconnaissance units were formed -- the pioneers of today's special forces. Some units were small, while others comprised thousands of men. All contributed significantly to the war effort. This book examines a wide range of PTO special-warfare units, including the Alaskan and Alamo scouts, 5217th/1st Recon Battalion, Marine Amphibious Recon and Raider units, Amphibious Scouts, and 6th Ranger Battalion."



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