Jose A. Rodriguez, Jr.

Rodriguez, Jose A., Jr. "I Ran the CIA Interrogation Program. No Matter What the Senate Report Says, I Know It Worked." Washington Post, 4 Apr. 2014. []

On 3 April 20014, "the Senate Intelligence Committee voted to declassify and release hundreds of pages of its report on U.S. terrorist interrogation practices. Certain senators have proclaimed how devastating the findings are, saying the CIA's program was unproductive, badly managed and misleadingly sold. Unlike the committee's staff, I don't have to examine the program through a rearview mirror. I was responsible for administering it, and I know that it produced critical intelligence that helped decimate al-Qaeda and save American lives."


Rodriguez, Jose A., Jr. "Today's CIA Critics Once Urged the Agency To Do Anything To Fight al-Qaeda." Washington Post, 5 Dec. 2014. []

The leaked conclusion of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report "that the interrogation program brought no intelligence value is an egregious falsehood.... I'm bemused that the Senate could devote so many resources to studying the interrogation program and yet never once speak to any of the key people involved in it, including the guy who ran it (that would be me)....

"I'm confident that my former CIA colleagues who are still on the job will do what is necessary to protect the nation from new Islamic State and continuing al-Qaeda threats. But in the back of their minds will be the nagging thought that, as they carry out legal, authorized and necessary actions, they may be only a few years away from being criticized and second-guessed by the people who today are urging them onward to the 'gates of hell.'"


Rodriguez, Jose, Jr., with Bill Harlow. Hard Measures: How Aggressive CIA Actions After 9/11 Saved American Lives. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2012.

Peake, Studies 56.2 (Jun. 2012), finds that the "central focus" of this book "is on two controversial issues" the author dealt with while head of the Counterterrorism Center (the destruction of the videotapes of the interrogations of two al Qaeda terrorists) and the National Clandestine Service (the use of enhanced interrogation techniques). "Hard Measures presents the veteran officer's position with candor and clarity and should be considered carefully."

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