Barrett J. Riordan


Riordan, Barrett J. "The Mathematics of O'Brien's Principle: An Invitation to Quantification." Intelligence and National Security 18, no. 3 (Autumn 2003): 168-173.

"The quantitative management sciences provide a model that can be readily applied to intelligence functions."


Riordan, Barrett J. "The Plowshare Program and Copeland's Suez Energy Deception." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 17, no. 1 (Spring 2004): 124-143.

The author investigates a planned U.S. deception operation at the time of the 1956 Suez crisis, referred to by Miles Copeland. The operation was "meant to convince Arab states that the United States was on the verge of overcoming dependence on oil via a technological breakthrough." He concludes that "[w]hen considered carefully, the Copeland deception story becomes credible and might indeed be a reliable report."


Riordan, Barrett J. "State-Sponsored Economic Deception and Its Determinants." Intelligence and National Security 17, no. 4 (Winter 2002): 1-30.

The author "develops a theoretical approach to state-sponsored international economic deception within a transaction cost economics (TCE) framework.... The case of US arms sales to Iran during the mid-1980s is used to evaluate the theory."


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