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Rigby, Francoise Labourverie. In Defiance. London: Elek, 1960.

Wilcox says this is an "[a]cccount ... of the resistance movement in Belgium" in World War II.


Rigden, Denis.

1. Kill the Führer: Section X and Operation Foxley. Stroud, UK: Sutton, 1999. 2003. [pb]

Spencer, IJI&C 14.1, places this work dealing with an operation ("Foxley") supposedly planned by SOE's X Section to assassinate Hitler in the same category as fairy tales. The reviewer's conclusion is based on his experience with X Section from 1944 to SOE's disbandment in August 1946. The reviewer also believes that the SOE archival material with which Rigden was working is incomplete due to the destruction of files by MI6 prior to release.

2. Ed. SOE Syllabus: Lessons in Ungentlemanly Warfare, World War II. Secret History Files Series. London: PRO, 2001.

According to West, IJI&C 15.3, this is "a collection of lectures given to Special Operations Executive (SOE) 'students' while they moved through the organization's various stages of training.... [It] offers a remarkable insight into how practicioners of the arcane arts thought the war could be won." Anderson, Intelligencer 13.1, calls the work "a detailed and fascinating textbook on covert operations.... [It] is chock-a-block with interesting tidbits." Denis Rigden has written "a fine thirty-page introduction."


Rigg, Robert B. "Of Spies and Specie." Military Review 42 (Aug. 1962): 13-21. [Petersen]


Riggs, David F. "The Dahlgren Papers Reconsidered." The Lincoln Herald (Summer 1981): 658-667.


Riley, K. Jack, et al. State and Local Intelligence in the War on Terrorism. Santa Monica, CA: RAND, 2005. Available at: http://www.rand.org/pubs/monographs/MG394/index.html.

"This report ... examin[es] how state and local law enforcement agencies conducted and supported counterterrorism intelligence activities after 9/11. It analyzes data from a 2002 survey of law enforcement preparedness in the context of intelligence and reports the results of case studies showing how eight local law enforcement agencies handle intelligence operations. Finally, it suggests ways that the job of gathering and analyzing intelligence might best be shared among federal, state, and local agencies."

[Overviews/Legal/Topics/LawEnforcement; Terrorism/00s/Gen]

Riley, Mark. "UN Chief Spied on Arms Team: Butler." Sydney Morning Herald, 5 Aug 1999. [http://www.smh.com.au]

The former chief UN arms inspector in Iraq, Richard Butler, told the Sydney Morning Herald on 4 August 1999 that UN Secretary General Kofi Annan "hired a former CIA agent to secretly investigate the operations of UN weapons inspectors in Iraq as part of a campaign to destroy the arms team.... Butler also revealed that the United States and other nations had put proposals to him to use UNSCOM to spy on Iraq, but that he had rejected them."


Riley, Morris. Philby: The Hidden Years. Castle Gate, UK: United Writers Publication, 1990.

Riley, Patrick R. "CIA and Its Discontents." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 11, no. 3 (Fall 1998): 255-269.

The author looks at some of the questioning of the CIA's, especially the DO's, ability to do its job. He concludes: "The CIA is the world's premier intelligence organization.... Contrary to what its latest critics claim, the agency is not on the ropes.... What is needed is clear national direction on foreign intelligence priorities, coupled with a cool, deliberate, and balanced approach to the problem of abuse prevention within the Clandestine Service."


Rimington, Dame Stella, to Alasdair Palmer. "Of Course, They're Spying on Us, Too...." Telegraph (London), 4 Jul. 2010. [http://www.telegraph.co.uk]

"[N]o one should be surprised that espionage is still going on, for the truth is that espionage never dies.... Countries want to know the secrets of their rivals and competitors.... Are the Russians up to the same sort of thing in Britain? You bet they are.... And the Russians are not the only foreign power actively spying in Britain. MI5 also mentions the level of the Chinese espionage attack.... Countering the threat posed by espionage puts a considerable strain on our security services at a time when they also have to counter the much more immediate and potentially lethal danger of Islamic extremist terrorism."


Rimington, Stella. Open Secret: The Autobiography of the Former Director-General of MI5. London: Hutchinson, 2001.

Unsinger, IJI&C 16.1, is unimpressed with the former MI5 Director-General's account, "commenting that Rimington didn't really relate anything other than a few observations and anecdotal material." Her "descriptions ultimately fail to devolve into something more substantial." For Bath, NIPQ 18.2/3, there are certainly "no family jewels" to be found here. "The main thrust of the book remains ... the trail-blazing progress of a woman in what heretofore had been thought a man's world."

[UK/Memoirs/CW; UK/PostCW/00/Rimington]

Rimington, Stella. "So Who Are K, C and M? A Brief History of British Intelligence." The Guardian, 11 Sep. 2001. [http://www.guardian.co.uk]

Very brief.


Rimington, Stella. "Stella's Story." The Guardian, 10 Sep. 2001. [http://www.guardian.co.uk]

Rimington writes concisely of her struggle to get her book published. This piece accompanies the first of three excerpts from the book run by The Guardian beginning on 10 September 2001.


Rinaldi, Steven M., Donald H. Leathem, and Timothy Kaufman. "Protecting the Homeland: Air Force Roles in Homeland Security." Aerospace Power Journal 16 (Spring 2002): 77-86.

[MI/AF; DHS/02]

Rindskopf, Elizabeth R. "Intelligence Law Challenges in the New World." American Intelligence Journal 13, no. 3 (Summer 1992): 33-37.

CIA General Counsel, 1990-1995; NSA, 1984-1989; Principal Deputy Legal Adviser, Department of State, 1989-1990.


Rindskopf, Elizabeth R. "Intelligence Oversight in a Democracy." Houston Journal of International Law 11, no. 1 (1988): 21-30.

Top legal counsel at both NSA and CIA.


Rindskopf, "Mike" [RADM/USN (Ret.)]. "Reflections of a URL Intelligence Subspecialist." Naval Intelligence Professional Quarterly 20, no. 4 (Dec. 2004): 12-14.


Ringle, Ken. "The 'Boffins' of Bletchley Park." Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 6-12 Jun. 1994, 37-38.

Despite its title, this article focuses more on the grand deception operation, Operation Bodyguard, than on the relationship between the deception activity and the codebreaking operation at Bletchley Park.


Ringle, Ken. "The Nature and Nurture of a Fanatical Believer: A Void Filled to the Brim With Hatred." Washington Post, 25 Sep. 2001, C1. [http://www.washingtonpost.com]

According to Jerrold Post, George Washington University psychiatry professor and co-author of Political Paranoia -- The Psychopolitics of Hatred, "[t]he suicidal terrorist ... is simply an extreme example of 'the true believer' described by social philosopher Eric Hoffer in a landmark book of that name half a century ago -- the individual whose inner sense of worthlessness, confusion or rage seeks refuge and validating rebirth within a charismatic mass movement."


Rintelen, Franz von Kleist. The Dark Invader: Wartime Reminiscences of a German Naval Intelligence Officer. New York: Macmillan, 1933. London: Lovat, Dickson, 1933. London: Frank Cass, 1998.

Constantinides notes that this account of the author's 1915 sabotage mission to the United States and his contacts with Mexican General Huerta is seen as a mixture of fact and fiction. This same theme dominates the review of the 1998 edition by Friend, IJI&C 12.2, which concludes that "[a]s fiction, [the book] is based on a good deal of fact, and as fact, it is heavily mixed with fiction."


Riordan, Barrett J.

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