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Richard, Daniel. "Congress Approves FY 97 Intelligence Authorization Bill." National Security Law Report 18, no. 6 (Oct. 1996): 8.

The conference report on the intelligence authorization (H.R. 3259) was passed by both the House and the Senate as the 104th Congress concluded. The report authorized 2.3 percent more than the President's budget request.


Richard, Joseph E. "The Breaking of the Japanese Army's Codes." Cryptologia 28, no. 4 (Oct. 2004): 289-308.

This article consists of the author's reminiscences of service as an Army Signal Corps cryptanalyst in World War II, primarily in the Central Bureau, first, in Melbourne and, then, in Brisbane after its move in September 1942.


Richards, Brooks (Sir).

1. Secret Flotillas: Clandestine Sea Lines to France and French North Africa 1940-1944. London: HMSO, 1996.

Richards, Julian. The Art and Science of Intelligence Analysis. New York: Oxford University Press, 2010.

Gendron, IJI&C 25.2 (Summer 2012), sees this as "a useful summary about the intelligence process and current thinking on intelligence analysis." Although the book "makes no original contribution to the literature,... [c]omprehensive footnotes direct readers to ... seminal works and provide a useful resource for those who want to probe further." To Peake, Studies 56.2 (Jun. 2012) and Intelligencer 19.2 (Summer-Fall 2012), this is "is a basic primer for anyone concerned about what it takes to become an intelligence analyst. Well documented and clearly written, it is a worthwhile introduction to the topic."


Richards, Lee. "Whispers of War: The British World War II Rumor Campaign." Intelligencer 16, no. 2 (Fall 2008): 53-62.

In the summer of 1940, Department EH (Electra House, a predecessor organization of PWE) "established the Underground Propaganda Committee (UPC)" to create an anti-invasion rumor campaign. The author provides multiple examples of UPC's work. The group's output "was always controversial and some of the myths they perpetrated persist to this very day, which shows they must have been successful to a certain extent."


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Surveillant 4.1: "Scientific intelligence in World War II."


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Chambers: CIC, 7th Army memoirs.

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