Tom Polgar


Tom Polgar died on 22 March 2014 at the age of 91. Matt Schudel, "Thomas Polgar, CIA official during the fall of Saigon, dies," Washington Post, 31 Mar. 2014.

Polgar, Thomas. "Assignment: Skyjacker." Studies in Intelligence 16, no. 3 (Fall 1972): 53-63.

Braniff Flight 14, hijacked on 2 July 1971, eventually ended up in Buenos Aires. The author, the CIA Buenos Aires Chief of Station, was the U.S. on-the-scene liaison with the Argentine authorities. He later became the intermediary who boarded the airplane to negotiate with the hijacker. He convinced the hijacker to surrender.


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Polgar, Tom. "Gates: The Wrong Choice to Head the CIA." Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 1-7 Jul. 1991, 24.

Op-Ed piece from former CIA station chief and staffer on the Senate Select Committee on Iran-Contra: "My objections to [Robert M.] Gates center on his performance during the Iran-contra affair.... Throughout it, Gates acted as if he was in a complete fog or was interested primarily in keeping the truth from being aired in public or from reaching Congress."


Polgar, Tom. "The Intelligence Services of West Germany." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence. 1, no. 4 (1986): 79-96.

Polgar, Tom. "Some Observations for the New Year." CIRA Newsletter 30, no. 1 (Spring 2005): 9-11.

"Multiplying echelons in Washington, more staffers on the congressional intelligence committees, and molding intelligence to fit the policy are going to lead to more grief. If human source collection cannot be strengthened, there can be no improved end product."


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