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O'Sullivan, Arieh. "Mossad Head: We Need Spies, Not Just Electronics." Jerusalam Post, 25 Sep. 2001. [http://www.jpost.com]


O'Sullivan, Donal.

1. Dealing With the Devil: Anglo-Soviet Intelligence Cooperation During the Second World War. New York: Lang, 2010.

According to Peake, Studies 56.3 (Sep. 2012) and Intelligencer 19.3 (Winter-Spring 2013), the author "explains how an arrangement was reached with the SOE for Soviet agents to be dropped into German-occupied territories.... More than two dozen agents were involved.... Chronic mutual distrust hampered all operations.... Overall, the book is well documented, though O'Sullivan's judgment that the Red Orchestra was a German myth is debatable." Hashimoto, I&NS 26.6 (Dec. 2011), finds that "[t]aken as a whole this book is useful but it has severe limitations," notably its "loose academic style."

2. "Dealing With the Devil: The Anglo-Soviet Parachute Agents (Operation 'Pickaxe')." Journal of Intelligence History 4, no. 2 (Winter 2004). [http://www.intelligence-history.org/jih/journal.html]

From abstract: "From 1941 to 1944, the Royal Air Force dropped more than twenty NKVD agents into Western Europe by parachute. The goal of ... operation ... 'Pickaxe' was to organize resistance and sabotage in Nazi-occupied territories." The majority of the agents "were arrested and executed by the Gestapo.... Anglo-Soviet subversion efforts lacked the necessary level of trust and consequently could not influence the war effort substantially."

[Russia/WWII/Gen; UK/WWII/Services/SOE]

Otis, Pauletta. "The Intelligence Community Gets 'Religion.'" American Intelligence Journal 24 (2006): 57-65.

"Religion and religious factors have not been a priority concern for the intelligence community.... [T]]he penalty for this historic neglect is that the intelligence community (IC) has been unprepared for collection, analysis, research and reporting on religion as related to global and national security.... The intelligence community is now 'getting serious' about the complex relationship between religion and security."


Otis, Pauletta. "The Nature of Religious Terrorism." Defense Intelligence Journal 11, no. 1 (Winter 2002): 27-36.

"There are three major targets to be addressed by the Intelligence Community: the individual terrorist, the religious community from which participants can be drawn, and the identification of specific situations where the necessary and sufficient conditions for a terrorist attack are met."


O'Toole, George. The Private Sector: Private Spies, Rent-a-Cops, and the Police-Industrial Complex. New York: Norton, 1978.

NameBase: "This book looks at the threat to civil liberties from private-sector intelligence and investigative firms..., which are often hired by big corporations for activities ranging from employee screening and strike-breaking to anti-terrorist security and competitor counterintelligence.... O'Toole believes that the public criminal justice system has ceased to work.... Those with assets will always be willing to spend part of what they have in order to protect the rest, so the private sector is moving in to fill the vacuum."


O'Toole, George J.A.

O'Toole, Thomas, and Charles Babcock. "CIA 'Big Bird' Satellite Manual Was Allegedly Sold to the Soviets." Washington Post, 23 Aug. 1978, A1, A16.


Ott, Marvin C. "Partisanship and the Decline of Intelligence Oversight." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 16, no. 1 (Spring 2003): 69-94. And in Intelligence and the National Security Strategist: Enduring Issues and Challenges, eds. Roger Z. George and Robert D. Kline, 103-123. Washington, D.C.: National Defense University Press, 2004.

The author argues that while "the U.S. system of intelligence oversight by Congress has proven to be a viable solution to a tricky problem" over time, "the system requires a very special set of conditions to work.... [U]nder present circumstances, Senate-conducted intelligence oversight" no longer meets these conditions and is no longer viable.


Ott, Marvin C. "Shaking Up the CIA." Foreign Policy (Winter 1993-1994): 132-151.


Ottaway, David B. "Frustrating the FBI." WPNWE, 24-30 Jul. 1995, 32.

The manhunt for Mir Aimal Kansi, wanted for the shootings outside CIA Headquarters on 25 January 1993, has been slowed by geography and Pakistani politics. At the end of March, the FBI reclassified Kansi as a suspected international terrorist. This allowed the use of the State Department's Counter-Terrorism Rewards Program to raise the reward offered for information leading to the arrest of Kansi to $2 million.

[CIA/90s/95/Gen and 97/Kansi; FBI/90s][c]

Ottaway, Susan. Violette Szabo: "The Life that I Have...." Barnsley, UK: Leo Cooper/Pen & Sword, 2002. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2003.

Szabo was an SOE agent in France. Captured by the Germans on a second mission, she was murdered in the Ravensbruck concentration camp. Szabo was portrayed by Virginia McKenna in the 1958 British film "Carve Her Name with Pride." (Nash, Spies, p. 550) Ringlesbach, IJI&C 16.4, notes that the author's research has "corrected many errors in R.J. Minney's book" [Minney, Carve Her Name with Pride (1964)]. The reviewer found the work "fascinating." See also, Szabo, Young Brave and Beautiful (2007).

[UK/WWII/Services/SOE; Women/WWII/UK]

Ottenberg, Miriam. The Federal Investigators. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1962.

Ottis, Sherri Greene. Silent Heroes: Downed Airmen and the French Underground. Lexington, KY: University of Kentucky Press, 2001.

Seamon, Proceedings 127.9 (Sep. 2001), finds this work to be "a well-documented effort" to focus attention on the "Underground Railroad" lines organized by French resistance units to lead downed Allied fliers to safety.


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