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[NRO/Overviews; Recon/Sats/Books]

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The ability of conventional units to engage in special forces-type operations is attributable to "the sudden increase in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), analysis, and exploitation assets delegated down to the brigade combat teams (BCTs). We have seen a significant metamorphosis of intelligence operations in Iraq."


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According to DKR, AFIO WIN 25-05 (4 Jul. 2005), this work concerns the landing in 1942 of "eight German-Americans, equipped to carry out sabotage, on the U.S. coast -- whereupon their leader telephoned the FBI to turn in himself and his fellows." President Roosevelt "ordered a secret military trial.... [T]he government announced that six of the defendants had been executed and the remaining two given long prison sentences."


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1. The Devil's Deal: The IRA, Nazi Germany, and the Double Life of Jim O'Donovan. Dublin: New Island, 2010.

Power, Agenda: Sunday Business Post (Dublin), 2 Jan. 2011, finds this biography of O'Donovan, bombmaker and "chief liaison between the IRA and Nazi Germany," to be "thoroughly researched and cleanly written" O'Donovan "made four visits to the continent to meet Nazi agents." For de Bréadún, Irish Times, 11 Dec. 2010, the author has combined "academic rigour with a racy, readable narrative." O'Donovan drew up the "S-Plan" for the "bombing campaign against installations and public utilities in England" which began in January 1939.

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This article traces some of the IRA and Nazi contacts, including those of Jim O'Donovan.


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From publisher: "From December 1939 to May 1945, German Radio broadcast Nazi propaganda to neutral Ireland." It was "a nightly bi-lingual service in Irish and English." The man behind the broadcasts was Dr. Adolf Mahr, former director of the Irish National Museum, who had "returned to Berlin at the start of war and spent the war years running the Irish desk at the German Foreign Office, as well as creating German Radio's Irish service, known as Irland-Redaktion." See also, Gerry Mullins, Dublin Nazi No. 1: The Life of Adolf Mahr (Dublin: Liberties Press, 2007).

[WWII/Eur/Germany; OtherCountries/Ireland/WWII]

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The German Academic Exchange Service sent a number of students to study at Irish colleges. One such student, Hans Hartmann, did not leave Dublin until 1939 and became head of the Irish service of German Radio in 1941. Nona Keital, daughter of Wehrmacht Commander-in-Chief Wilhhelm Keital, studied for a year in the mid-1930s at Trinity College in Dublin. Beyond the students, the author names a few German Nazis teaching in Ireland in the 1930s.


O'Donoghue, David. "Neutral Ireland's Secret War." Sunday Business Post, 31 Dec. 2006. [From friend in Ireland]

With the outbreak of war, the 50-strong Nazi group that had existed in pre-war Ireland approached Eamon de Valera "to seek safe passage through Britain to reach home." He "was only too happy to oblige, getting Westminster's permission for their return home." They "sailed aboard the mail boat Cambria … on September 11, 1939, and eventually made it across the channel. But their departure left a serious intelligence gap for the Nazis in neutral Ireland, one they would try to fill by dispatching no fewer than 12 agents here in the 1939-to-1943 period."

[WWII/Eur/Germany; OtherCountries/Ireland/WWII]

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The author discusses Germans in pre-war Ireland, who served both as Irish state employees and Nazi party members.


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Clark comment: The Controller of Censorship was under the Army Chief of Staff (Intelligence) and worked with both Military Intelligence and the Security Section of the National Police Force of Ireland. The files for 1939-1945 are held by the Defence Forces' Military Archives Branch, Dublin.


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