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Christopher Andrew, Defend the Realm (2009), p. 605, calls O'Halpin "the leading historian of Irish security."

O'Halpin, Eunan. "According to the Irish Minister in Rome: British Decrypts and Irish Diplomacy in the Second World War." Irish Studies in International Affairs 6 (1995): 95-105.

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O'Halpin, Eunan. "Anglo-Irish Security Co-operation since 1969: A Dublin Perspective." Conflict Quarterly 10, no 1 (1990): 1-18.

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O'Halpin, Eunan. "Army, Politics and Society in Independent Ireland, 1923-1945." Historical Studies (Irish Conference of Historians) 8 (1993): 158-174.

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Royal Historical Society Database: "Special number, '"The Emergency", 1939-45', being proceedings of a conference organized by the Military History Society of Ireland, in association with the Military Archives, at Cathal Brugha Barracks, Dublin, 18-20 June 1992."


O'Halpin, Eunan. "British Intelligence and the Case for Confronting Iraq: Evidence from the Butler and Hutton Reports." Irish Studies in International Affairs 16 (2005): 89–102.

"[T]he Hutton Inquiry and the Butler report disclose alarming weaknesses at the heart of British government. The JIC, so far from being the font of dispassionate, unbiased, unvarnished intelligence analysis[,]... emerges as a craven creature that allowed the government's presentational priorities to take precedence over cautious and balanced assessment on the basis of the evidence available."


O'Halpin, Eunan. "British Intelligence in Ireland, 1914-1921." In The Missing Dimension: Governments and Intelligence Communities in the Twentieth Century, eds. Christopher Andrew and David Dilks, 55-77. London: Macmillan, 1984.

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O'Halpin, Eunan. The British Joint Intelligence Committee and Ireland, 1965-1972. Discussion Paper No. 211. Dublin: Institute for International Integration Studies, 2007.

"[W]here Ireland was concerned the JIC system failed on three counts. Firstly, it provided no advance warning of the likely deterioration in public order in Northern Ireland...; secondly, until 1970 at the earliest it gave no consideration to the political conditions within Northern Ireland which exacerbated political unrest, or to the internal weaknesses of the Northern Ireland government. Thirdly,... it is certain that the committee enjoined a framework for the interrogation of internees which was completely out of touch with western European norms about how states should treat their citizens."


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O'Halpin, Eunan. "Irish-Allied Security Relations and the 'American Note' Crisis: New Evidence from British Records." Irish Studies in International Affairs 11 (2000).

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O'Halpin, Eunan. "Irish Neutrality in the Second World War." In European Neutrals and Non-Belligerents during the Second World War, ed. Neville Wylie, 283-303. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001.


O'Halpin, Eunan. "The Liddell Diaries and British Intelligence History." Intelligence and National Security 20, no. 4 (Dec. 2005): 670-686.

This essay opens with a strong criticism of Nigel West's editing of the first published volume of the diaries [Nigel West, ed., The Guy Liddell Diaries -- 1939-1945, 2 vols. (2005)]. That is followed by the author's assessment of the diaries based on reading the original manuscript. He concludes that "Liddell's diaries add a great deal not only to our knowledge of MI5 but of wartime intelligence generally.... One of the virtues of the Liddell diaries is that he wrote constantly in the near present, so that he captured not only what was decided but often the alternatives considered at the time, some of which were promptly forgotten and never made it into institutional memory."

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O'Halpin, Eunan. "Long Fellow, Long Story: MI5 and de Valera." Irish Studies in International Affairs 14 (2003): 185-203.

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