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New York Times. "[Editorial:] America's Stolen Secrets." 26 May 1999.

"Better coordination is needed among the various intelligence and law enforcement agencies in detecting, investigating and prosecuting nuclear espionage. The Energy Department must clearly demonstrate that it can manage the labs. Otherwise it may make sense to transfer them to Pentagon control. Whichever department is in charge, more rigorous security screening is needed for those engaged in the most sensitive weapons work."


New York Times. "[Editorial:] Another C.I.A. Betrayal." 20 Nov. 1996, A14 (N).

"Compared with the years they spent fumbling the Aldrich Ames case," the CIA and FBI "pursued suspicions about Harold Nicholson with alacrity and admirable coordination.... But progress in these matters is relative. It still took too long ... to detect and investigate Mr. Nicholson's activities.... The C.I.A. and F.B.I. must improve their response time on espionage cases, and the agency should not presume that reforms instituted after the Ames fiasco are adequate."


New York Times. "[Editorial:] The Anthony Lake Nomination." 14 Mar. 1997, A16 (N).

Expresses concern about Lake's "anemic response to the campaign fund-raising abuses swirling around him while he was Mr. Clinton's national security adviser."


New York Times. "Bail Ruled Out for 3 Accused Spies." 23 Oct. 1997, A14.


New York Times. "[Editorial:] Beware of Tinkering Lawmakers." 28 Aug. 2004. []

"Underpinning the 9/11 commission's call to reform the nation's intelligence services is the parallel warning that Congress must reform itself. The commission called on Congress to junk its 17-committee jungle of jurisdictional fiefs, which have failed miserably in their responsibility of oversight.... [A]ny real attempt at oversight means Congress must stop signing blank checks for the Pentagon, which controls most of the annual $40 biillion intelligence budget in various secretive ledgers. For openers, the budget should be made public."

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New York Times. "[Editorial:] Blame in the Chinese Embassy Bombing." 11 Apr. 2000. []

"Mr. Tenet has had the courage to admit his agency's errors and to hold individuals accountable. The Pentagon should do the same."


New York Times. "[Editorial:] Cabinet Renewal." 6 Dec. 1996, A20 (N).

"Mr. Lake, a thoughtful man who has served ably in coordinating Administration security policies, may lack the fire and fortitude to reshape the recalcitrant intelligence agency. He will be the fifth C.I.A. boss in a little over five years, hardly an effective way to manage the agency."


New York Times. "[Editorial:] The Case of Wen Ho Lee." 20 Aug. 1999. [http://www.]

"Troubling accusations have been made, and denied, in recent days that Wen Ho Lee ... was singled out for investigation and punishment because of his Chinese ethnicity.... The truth can best be established by re-examining all aspects of the handling of the Lee case by the Energy and Justice Departments.... The review should be headed by a knowledgeable, authoritative figure like former Senator Sam Nunn or Gen. Colin Powell."


New York Times. "C.I.A. Contractor Is Sentenced." 14 Feb. 2007. []

David A. Passaro, a former CIA contractor, has been sentenced in North Carolina "to eight years and four months in prison for beating [in July 2003] an Afghan detainee who later died."


New York Times. "[Editorial:] The C.I.A. and Drugs." 5 Nov. 1996, A18 (N).

"[N]o one, including the Mercury News, has so far produced credible evidence that the C.I.A. organized or took part in drug dealing by the contras or that the rebels flooded Los Angeles with drugs to finance their war against the Sandinistas.... [Nevertheless,] the series did find drug-smuggling and dealing by Nicaraguans with at least tentative connections to the contras. Journalists and investigators should determine whether this activity was more than incidental to contra operations, and whether the C.I.A. played any role in it."


New York Times. "[Editorial:] The C.I.A.'s False Intelligence." 2 Nov. 1995, A14 (N).

"An intelligence agency that knowingly misleads its own government with tainted information from the other side is about as out of control as it gets."


New York Times. "C.I.A. Isn't Lone Wolf of Foreign Policy." 17 Feb. 1993, A18.


New York Times. "C.I.A. Official Says Huang Had Interest in China." 29 Jun. 1997, 20.


New York Times. "C.I.A. Uncovers No Nicaraguan Connection: Agency Investigating Charges of Involvement with Drug Dealers." 7 Nov. 1996, A9 (N).

Documents filed in Federal District Court in San Diego on 4 November say that the CIA had no record of a relationship with Nicaraguan drug dealers or other alleged operators of a 1980s cocaine ring in California. An internal investigation by CIA Inspector General Frederick Hitz is continuing.


New York Times. "Cohen Puts Off Trip to China." 26 May 1999.

"Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen has postponed his trip next month to China, citing tension between Washington and Beijing, the Pentagon announced" on 25 May 1999.


New York Times. "Cuba Refuses to Withdraw a Diplomat." 23 Feb. 2000. [http://www.]

"Cuba will not withdraw the diplomat linked to an espionage investigation, despite an order from the United States that he leave the country, Cuban officials said." State Department spokesman James P. Rubin said that if Jose Imperatori did not leave the country "he would lose diplomatic privileges and immunities and become subject to the laws of the United States."


New York Times. "Cuts in Intelligence Budget Stay on Schedule." 31 Mar. 1993, A22 (N).


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