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Notz, Frank P. [CAPT/USN (Ret.)] "Naval Intelligence Training: Some Thoughts on the Future." Military Intelligence 21, no. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 1995): 31-33.

[MI/Navy/90s; MI/Training][c]

Notz, Frank P. [CAPT/USN] "Some Thoughts on Joint Intelligence Training." Defense Intelligence Journal 2, no. 2 (Fall 1993): 167-176.


Nouzille, Vincent. L'espionne: Virginia Hall, une Americaine dans la guerre. Paris: Fayard, 2007.

Foot, Studies 53.1 (Mar. 2009), says that this is an "excellent account of one of the war's most remarkable secret agents...; a translation into English would be most welcome." It "is a great improvement" over Pearson, The Wolves at the Door (2005). See also, Miller, "MI Corps Hall of Fame: Virginia Hall," Military Intelligence 20.3 (1994).

[UK/WWII/Services/SOE; Women/WWII/UK & U.S.; WWII/OSS/Individuals]

NOVA. Decoding Nazi Secrets.

For Kruh, Cryptologia 24.2, this 2-hour NOVA special "is one of the best television programs produced on code breaking." There is a major omission, however: Gordon Welchman deserves at least a mention.


Novak, Robert D. "'Covert' Confusion at the CIA." Washington Post, 12 Apr. 2007, A27. []

The irascible and highly partisan columnist rips DCIA Hayden for not knowing the difference between an employee who is "covert" and one who is "undercover." Novak is, of course, concerned because "[t]he designation [of Valerie Plame as a covert employee] could strengthen erroneous claims that she came under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act.... Hayden has raised Republican suspicions that he is angling to become intelligence czar -- director of national intelligence -- under a Democratic president. While Hayden proclaims himself free of politics, his handling of the Plame case is puzzling."


Novak, Robert. "Who Is the Real Hanssen?" Sun-Times (Chicago), 12 Jul. 2001. [http://]

"Three-and-a-half years ago [24 November 1997], I reported that a veteran FBI agent resigned and retired after refusing a demand by Attorney General Janet Reno to give the Justice Department the names of top secret sources in China. My primary source was FBI agent Robert Hanssen."


Nowak, Jan. Courier from Moscow. Detroit, MI: Wayne Press, 1982.

See Andrzej Krzysztof Kunert, "Jan Nowak-Jezioranski: Courier from Warsaw and Courier of Free Poland," in KSAP 20th Anniversary, ed. Henryk Samsonowicz, 279-302. Warsaw: National School of Public Administration, 2010. []


Nowinski, Edmund H., and Robert J. Kohler. "The Lost Art of Program Management in the Intelligence Community." Studies in Intelligence 50, no. 2 (2006): 33-46.

This article supplies additional thoughts on the subject of management of national reconnaissance, as previously developed in the discussion between Kohler and NRO Deputy Director Dennis Fitzgerald.

"With a few exceptions in CIA, no organization in the Intelligence Community (IC) effectively manages complex and complicated acquisitions. That costs are overrun may be bad enough, but even more serious are years-long delays in delivery of capabilities that are now badly needed or the complete failure to deliver such capabilities.... We ... suggest that the community needs to get 'back to basics' on a number of fronts in order to recover its ability to successfully manage projects that are essential to the delivery of new capabilities in collection, analytical tools, automation, and better integration and interaction of IC components....

"[P]erhaps what is missing today is the right balance between community needs, technology advancement, program cost, and community-wide buy-in. In many ways, in the old days, we were lucky. Nobody doubted the need for collection, especially real-time imaging, from space. People argued over how to accomplish such missions but not the basic need for them. So it was relatively easy to align the administration and Congress around a strategy and funding. Many programs in trouble today lack this balance."


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Concerns arrest by Soviet Union of alleged U.S. spy "Donald F." See also Frank W. Lewis, "The Day of the Dodo," Cryptologia 16, no. 1 (1990): 11-12; Michael Wines, "Cold-War Riddle: A Most Unusual Spy," New York Times, 23 Jan. 1990, A10; Lisa Beyer, "'Top Hat' Knocked Off: Moscow Discloses the Capture of a Master Spy," Time, 29 Jan. 1990, 54; and Elaine Shannon, "Death of the Perfect Spy." Time, 24 Jun. 2001.

Raymond L. Garthoff, "Polyakov's Run," Bulletin of Atomic Scientists 56, no. 5 (Sep./Oct. 2000): 37-40 [], discusses the deception/disinformation aspects of the FBI-Army intelligence operation using Sgt. Joseph Cassidy, described in David Wise, Cassidy's Run (2000), in connection with a similar operation run through Soviet Col. Dmitri Polyakov (Top Hat/Bourbon).



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