Norris, Guy. "Exclusive: Skunk Works Reveals SR-71 Successor Plan." Aviation Week and Space Technology 175, no. 38 (4 Nov. 2013): 18-21. [].

"Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works has revealed exclusively to AW&ST details of long-running plans for what it describes as an affordable hypersonic intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and strike platform that could enter development in demonstrator form as soon as 2018. Dubbed the SR-72, the twin-engine aircraft is designed for a Mach 6 cruise, around twice the speed of its forebear, and will have the optional capability to strike targets."


Norris, Pat. Spies in the Sky: Surveillance Satellites in War and Peace. Chichester, UK: Springer-Praxis, 2007.

From publisher: "Beginning with a discussion of Sputnik 1, and the impact of its launch, both on the Soviets and on the West, the book continues to show the social, economic and scientific benefits of satellites ... some 50 years later. The author introduces the concept of the Cold War nuclear stand off and mutually assured destruction and shows how spy satellites developed, and the problems of using them to verify arms limitation treaties. He identifies the significance of the ABM Treaty and of SALT and demonstrates how satellites were used to underpin such agreements."


Norris, Robert S. Racing for the Bomb: General Leslie R. Groves, the Manhattan Project's Indispensable Man. South Royalton, VT: Steerforth Press, 2002.

Christman, Proceedings 128.9 (Sep. 2002), believes that Norris has succeeded in telling both the story of the birth of the atomic bomb and the life story of "an ambitious mission-driven general." According to Richelson, IJI&C 16.4, Norris has individual chapters on security for the Manhattan Project and its intelligence gathering responsibility, specifically the Alsos teams.

For Cohen, FA 81.5 (Sep.-Oct. 2002), "this well-executed biography evinces an honest respect for Groves" while not disguising the sides of "the man whom eyewitnesses and students of the atom bomb's creation love to despise." Sartori, I&NS 18.1, says this is a "meticulously researched and lively biography.... Norris's book provides a wealth of detail and is a valuable addition to the literature of the bomb project, but it does not significantly alter Grove's place in history."

Taylor, Booklist, 15 Mar. 2002, notes that the author's "exacting and complete research ... does not overwhelm the narrative.... Norris finds that as a personality, Groves was uncomplicated, patriotic, and traditional; as an officer, brusque, determined, and decisive. The latter traits made him too many enemies.... A critical contribution to the subject."

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