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[Text] "The intelligence community is in an uproar over a CIA plan to slash its Foreign Broadcast Information Service. FBIS, a daily compendium of translated broadcasts and news articles, circulates within the government and to subscribers in business, media and academia. Agency cost-cutting proposals, aiming to save up to $20 million a year, include replacing FBIS bureaus with local 'stringers' working from home and abandoning FBIS translations for foreign-language reports posted on the Internet. Other U.S. intel agencies vow to fight the plan all the way to the White House. The CIA insists that 'no definitive decisions have been made.'"


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Includes sidebar: "The Decade of the Spy," pp. 26-27; and associated stories: Michael Elliott, "Why Russia Continues to Torment America," pp. 28-29; Dorinda Elliott, with Yevgenia Albats, "Back at KGB Headquarters," p. 29; David Wise, "The Spy Who Didn't Get Away," p. 30 [on Edward Lee Howard]; Jonathan Alter, "Not-So-Smart Intelligence," p. 31.

[CIA/90s/94/Ames; SpyCases/U.S./Howard][c]

Newsweek. "New Evidence Ties Iran to Terrorism." 15 Nov. 1999. []

"[N]ew evidence [has] emerged tying Iranian officials to the truck bomb that killed 241 U.S. Marines in Beirut 16 years ago, as well as to the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia.... [A] National Security Agency phone tap recorded a Sept. 24, 1983, call from the Iranian ambassador in Syria to his foreign minister, in which the ambassador relayed orders he'd given to Abu Haidar, leader of the Husaini Suicide Forces Movement. The ambassador told Haidar to get weapons from Yasir Arafat's Fatah group to 'undertake an extraordinary operation against the Marines' in Beirut."

[OtherCountries/Iran; Terrorism]

Newsweek. "Periscope: Double Trouble." 8 Nov. 1999, 6.

"A new CIA report says ex-CIA director John Deutch may have tampered with evidence in an inquiry into his misuse of classified files, sources say.... The report also says Deutch had mishandled secret files at the Pentagon in the early '90s. Congressmen, angered that Justice hasn't prosecuted, are now livid."


Newsweek. Editors. "Spy Master." 22 Jul. 1946, 34.

Christensen, I&NS 11.4/763/fn. 13, suggests that this article is indicative of the "high regard most newsmen held of [Hoyt] Vandenberg's personality and ability."


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