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Nesbit, Robert F. "Catching Up With Pomfret, Vermont: An Examination of Intelligence Dissemination Architectures." American Intelligence Journal 15, no. 2 (Autumn-Winter 1994): 30-36.

The author argues that while hierarchical arrangements may work for command and control of forces, they make less sense for information tasking and dissemination architectures. The author looks at "push" and "pull" information distribution architectures, and concludes that each works better or worse than the other depending on the situation. "Request and delivery of information through the multilayered C3 system needs to be replaced in the large by broadcast [push] systems and direct data base [pull] arrangements."


Nesbit, Roy Conyers, and Jack Eggleston. Eyes of the RAF: A History of Photo-Reconnaissance. Stroud: Sutton, 1996.

For Twigge, I&NS 14.2, this book's breadth -- from the origins of UK photoreconaissance before World War I to the present day -- means that "only a superficial view of the capability and significance of British aerial reconnaissance" is presented. However, the illustrations "provide a visual narrative often ... superior to the text." Coverage of operations by RAF reconnaissance squadrons in World War II is "well informed and illuminating."

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Nesbit, Roy Conyers. Ultra Versus U-Boats: Enigma Decrypts in the National Archives. Barnsley, UK: Pen & Sword Military, 2008.

Christensen, Cryptologia 33.4 (Oct. 2009), comments that the material the author "has gathered is interesting - though quite repetitious.... He has selected about 200 decrypts [from the National Archives], added about 200 photographs, and arranged them chronologically.... The text is a short history of the battle against the U-boats. Codebreaking is only briefly mentioned, and what is said ... is not always correct." To Peake, Studies 55.1 (Mar. 2011), this work "is a fine contribution to WWII naval history."

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Netanyahu, Benjamin, ed.

1. International Terrorism: Challenge and Response. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Books, 1982.

2. Terrorism: How the West Can Win. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1986.

Jenkins, I&NS 3.1, has nothing good to say for this edited volume by the future Israeli Prime Minister: "As a work of scholarship or objective analysis, it is a thorough failure.... Much better, then, to take it for what it is, a polemic representing a number of specific interest groups.... Terrorism is a manifesto for a particular brand of ultra-conservative policies, in the guise of scholarship."


Neumann, Peter R. "The Myth of Ulsterization in British Security Policy in Northern Ireland." Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 26, no. 5 (2003): 365-77.


Neves, John. "What Makes a Military Attaché?" Army Quarterly 113 (Oct. 1983): 434-38.


Newark, Tim. The True Story of America's Secret Alliance with the Mob in World War II. New York: Zenith, 2007.

Freedman, FA 86.5 (Sep.-Oct. 2007), says that the book's subtitle "promises more conspiracy than is delivered." The author does "provide a fascinating account of the interface between crime and politics in Italy and the United States and the minor impact this had on the war's conduct."


Newbery, Samantha, Bob Brecher, Philippe Sands, and Brian Stewart. "Interrogation, Intelligence and the Issue of Human Rights." Intelligence and National Security 24, no. 5 (Oct. 2009): 631-643.

Four separate takes on the title issue: Newbury, "Interrogation, Intelligence and Ill-Treatment in Northern Ireland, 1971-72"; Brecher, "Why Torture Remains Unjustified"; Sands, "Evidence of Utility? A Legal Perspective"; and Stewart, "The Interrogation Dilemma." See also, Samantha Newbery, "Intelligence and Controversial British Interrogation Techniques: The Northern Ireland Case, 1971–2." Irish Studies in International Affairs 20 (2009): 103–119.

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Newcome, Louis A. Lincoln's Boy Spy. New York: Putnam, 1929

Petersen: "Autobiography."


New Counterpoint. Editors. "Moscow's Traditional 'Front' Organizations: How Long Will the Death Throes Last?" 7, no. 2 (Winter 1992): 7-8.

Newhall, Beaumont. Airborne Camera: The World from the Air and Outer Space. New York: Hastings House, 1969.


Newlen, Robert R. "Fifty Years of Silent Service: A Peek Inside the CIA Library." American Libraries 29, no. 4 (Apr. 1998): 62-64.

To help the CIA "celebrate its '50 Years of Silent Service,' American Libraries was invited to tour the library and interview staff…. Photographs were permitted, an unprecedented event in the library."



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