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NAMEBASE. Public Information Research. P.O. Box 5199, Arlington, VA 22205. (703-241-5437).

Peake, Reader's Guide, says that the data in NAMEBASE is in the form of the names of individuals and organizations with contacts with American intelligence agencies. Sources are over 300 books and several hundred periodicals. Only later entries have been annotated. Indexing is by "author, subject name, or agency, date and page number." NAMEBASE can provide "fast answers to several questions about people, countries, and publications having something to do with intelligence." The database began life under name of SpyBASE. This is a "read-only database; the user cannot add to or change what is found there. It is possible ... to print the results of any search to a printer or computer disk."

Jeffreys-Jones notes that the producer of this database, Public Information Research (PIR), is "an open-government institution." The database is "available in both Apple Macintosh and IBM/PC formats.... By 1 January 1993, it contained 67,000 names of individuals and groups ... and 140,000 citations culled from about 500 sources.... PIR ... will mail or fax photocopied material on request." See Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones, "Manual Indices and Digital Pathways: Developments in United States Intelligence Bibliography," Intelligence and National Security 9, no. 3 (Jul. 1994): 555-559.

See also Robert L. Youngblood, "Electronic Databases and Research on the Central Intelligence Agency in Asia," Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars 26, no. 3 (Jul.-Sep. 1994): 61-65, which reviews CIABASE and NAMEBASE.


Namikas, Lise. Battleground Africa: Cold War in the Congo, 1960-1965. Redwood City, CA: Stanford University Press, 2012.

To van de Walle, FA 92.6 (Nov.-Dec. 2013), this is "a fine history of the Cold War politics of Congo during the early 1960s."


Nance, William H. "Quality ELINT." Studies in Intelligence 12, no. 2 (Spring 1968): 7-19.

"Precision measurement of the operating parameters of uncooperating radars."


Nanto, Dick K. Economics and National Security: Issues and Implications for U.S. Policy. Washington, DC: Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, 4 Jan. 2011. Available at:

From "Summary": "Globalization, the rise of China, the prospect of an unsustainable debt burden, unprecedented federal budget deficits, the success of mixed economies with both state-owned and private businesses, huge imbalances in international trade and capital flows, and high unemployment have brought economics more into play in considerations of national security.... The long-term efficacy of hard power ... depends greatly on the ability of a country to provide for it through an ever growing and innovative economy. National security depends also on soft power, the ability of a country to generate and use its economic power and to project its national values."


[Naquin, Doug.] "Remarks by Doug Naquin, Director, Open Source Center, CIRA Luncheon, 3 October 2007." CIRA Newsletter 32, no. 4 (Winter 2007): 3-9.

Naquin discusses the current state of open source collection and exploitation. He notes that the old FBIS is the starting point for the new Open Source Center, but emphasizes that matters have progressed well beyond the roles of the past. For a report on and some reaction to Naquin's speech, see Thomas Claburn, "CIA Monitors YouTube For Intelligence," InformationWeek, 6 Feb. 2008.


Narizhnaya, Khristina. "Russian Spy Claims Swap in Works for Spies in US." Associated Press, 7 Jul. 2010. []

"Russia and the United States are working out a spy swap involving Russians recently arrested in the United States and people convicted of spying in Russia," Dmitry Sutyagin, the brother of imprisoned nuclear researcher Igor Sutyagin said on 7 July 2010. Igor Sutyagin "is serving a 14-year prison sentence on charges of spying for the United States." See also, Andrew E. Kramer, Scott Shane, and Benjamin Weiser, "Steps Point to Possible Swap of Spy Suspects With Russia," New York Times, 7 Jul. 2010.



Nashel, Jonathan. Edward Lansdale's Cold War. Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press, 2005.

Pellegrin, H-War, H-Net Reviews, Dec. 2006 [], calls this work "a compelling analysis of the life, adventures, and legend" of Edward Lansdale. This "is not a biography in the traditional sense.... Rather, the author uses Lansdale's career to explain American activities during the Cold War and emphasizes those events where Lansdale had a significant effect on such activities." See also, Lansdale, In the Midst of Wars (1972); and Currey, Edward Lansdale (1988).

[CIA/50s & Biogs; Vietnam/Gen]

Nasheri, Hedieh. Economic Espionage and Industrial Spying. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005.

From publisher: The author "investigates the current state of industrial espionage, revealing the far-reaching effects of advances in computing and wireless communications.... Nasheri analyzes the historical and conceptual foundations of economic espionage, trade secret thefts, and industrial spying. She demonstrates how these activities impact society, and tracks the legislative and statutory efforts to control them."


Nasif, Nicholas. "Tenet Given Assurances that No al-Qa'ida Cells Infiltrated Lebanon." Beirut al-Nahar in Arabic, 28 Nov. 2002.

[Excerpts from FBIS Translated Text] "A security official has recently returned from Washington after three days of meetings with CIA Director George Tenet and his assistants for terrorism and Middle Eastern affairs. The talks dealt with the security cooperation between Lebanon and the United States within the framework of the US-led international campaign on terror....

"As a result of the discussions, Tenet and his aides expressed satisfaction with stability in Lebanon and with the cooperation of the Lebanese security services with the CIA station in the American Embassy in Beirut. This is a constant and accurate cooperation in the fight against terrorism. The Lebanese authorities deal seriously with the information they receive from the CIA station, and they regularly supply the station with information within the anti-terror plan."

[OtherCountries/Lebanon; Terrorism/02]

Nasiri, Omar [pseud.]. Inside the Jihad: My Life with Al-Qaeda: A Spy's Story. New York: Perseus, 2006.

Peake, Studies 51.2 (2007), asks the central question here -- Is his story true? -- but does not offer anything conclusive. This book purports to be by a Moroccan terrorist who spent a number of years working for the French foreign intelligence service (DGSE). He also claims to have trained in weapons and explosives in al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan.


Nasr, Joseph. "Israel Extends Mossad Spymaster Dagan's Tenure." Reuters, 22 Jun. 2008. []

On 22 June 2008, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert "extended the tenure" of Mossad head Meir Dagan "for a second time.... Meir Dagan, an army ex-general, took over Mossad in 2002."


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