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Beard, I&NS 26.4 (Aug. 2011), says this "well-written, well-documented" book "tells a complicated story of espionage, disinformation, diplomatic manoeuvring and military action involving Great Britain, Russia, Prussia, Denmark and France."


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[MI/Org&Man; Reform/90s/MI]

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On 23 September 2000, NSA held its first Family Day.


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Military Intelligence Integrated Data System/Integrated Data Base.


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"Canadian intelligence activities in Cuba went through three stages: a 'business as usual' exchange of information and assessments...; then a period of tasked intelligence gathering during which Canadian diplomats ... responded to American requests, and finally a decade during which a designated Canadian in Havana dealt more or less directly with the US Central Intelligence Agency and State Department."


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From publisher: "Presents cases involving the FBI and CIA from the Depression years to the Watergate burglary and discusses the role of these two agencies in government and in the lives of ordinary citizens."

[CIA/Overview/To89s; FBI/To90s]

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[Historical/U.S./To1861; UK/Historical]

Mure, David.

Mure served in Dudley Clarke's A Force in the Middle East during World War II.

1. Master of Deception: Tangled Webs in London and the Middle East. London: Kimber, 1980.

Clark comment: This is chronologically the second of Mure's two books listed here on the deception work of Dudley Clarke's A Force in the Middle East during World War II. The first book, Practise to Deceive, is the better of the two books to read. Constantinides notes that this account is more pointed to "polemics against the Londoners and civilians in deception work." Additionally, there are "questionable facts and opinions" in this account.

2. Practise to Deceive. London: Kimber, 1977.

Constantinides comments that Mure has sought to balance the scales by giving Clarke and his deception work in the Mediterranean and the Middle East a level of recognition usually accorded only to London-run activities.

[UK/WWII/ME; WWII/Eur/Deception]

Murfett, Malcolm H., ed. Cold War Southeast Asia. Singapore: Marshall Cavendish Editions, 2012.

Castle, Studies 58.3 (Sep. 2014), comments that readers "in the hunt for the lessons of history will find this collection of 12 wide-ranging Cold War-related essays most rewarding.... [T]he authors bring forth new information and thoughtfully crafted insights on the Cold War's impact on the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the establishment of Singapore.... [T]he volume includes an in-depth recounting of the origins of Thai-U.S. involvement in the Laotian 'secret war.'"

[CA/Indonesia; CIA/Laos; GenPostwar/CW; OtherCountries/Malaysia & Philippines]

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