Steven Mufson


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According to a senior State Department official, "[a] laptop computer containing top-secret information vanished" from INR "more than a week ago, and the FBI is investigating whether it was stolen.... The material the laptop contains is classified as 'sensitive compartmented information' (SCI)." See also, Christopher Marquis, "Missing State Dept. Computer Prompts Call for Investigation," New York Times, 18 Apr. 2000.


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A "broad survey" conducted by State Department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security "was able to account for all of the [department's] 60 classified laptops with the exception of the one highly classified laptop computer reported missing last month."


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In its annual terrorism report, "Patterns of Global Terrorism," issued on 30 April 1999, the State Department "modestly softened language on Iran ... Whereas last year the State Department called Iran 'the most active state sponsor of terrorism in 1997,' the new report said only that Iran 'in 1998 continued to be involved in the planning and execution of terrorist acts'.... Despite the altered language, Iran was still one of seven governments branded in the report ... as state sponsors of terrorism.... Other countries in that category are Cuba, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. The list has not changed since August 1993. Afghanistan would have been included, a senior State Department official said, but it is not considered a functioning state."


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