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Moorehead, Alan. The Traitors: The Double Life of Fuchs, Pontecorvo and Nunn May. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1952.

According to West, I&NS 19.2/277, Moorehead was fed "sanitised versions of MI5's files on Allan Nunn May, Klaus Fuchs and Bruno Pontecorvo..., thus ensuring The Traitors provided a less than accurate version of the atomic spies."

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Moravec, Frantisek. Master of Spies: The Memoirs of General Frantisek Moravec. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1975. London: Bodley Head, 1975.

Moravec, Frantisek. "Operation Uproot." Studies in Intelligence 7, no. 2 (Spring 1963): A1-A11.

The head of Czechoslovak intelligence before, during, and immediately after World War II describes "[h]ow Czechoslovakia, alone among the countries overrun by the Nazis, succeeded in evacuating an intelligence organization to operate in exile."


Moreira, Peter. Hemingway on the China Front: His WWII Spy Mission with Martha Gellhorn. Dulles, VA: Potomac, 2006.

Miller, IJI&C 21.2 (Summer 2008), notes that this work concerns a trip Hemingway and Gellhorn made to China from January to May 1941. "At the behest of Harry Dexter White," Hemingway had "agreed to 'spy' for the Treasury Department." This is a "lively and informative book"; and it draws "memorable profiles of two accomplished writers at work and the limits and vagaries of American intelligence-gathering on the China front."

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Morell, Michael, with Bill Harlow. The Great War of Our Time: The CIA's Fight Against Terrorism -- From al Qa'ida to ISIS. New York: Twelve, 2015.

Even before this book by the former DDCIA was officially released, it had garnered news reports (not reviews). See Greg Miller, "Former CIA Official Cites Agency's Failure to See al-Qaeda's Rebound," Washington Post, 3 May 2015, and David E. Sanger, "Ex-C.I.A. Official Rebuts Republican Claims on Benghazi Attack in 'The Great War of Our Time,'" New York Times, 3 May 2015.

Romeo, Christian Science Monitor, 12 May 2015, and CIA Quarterly 40.2 (Summer 2015), says this work "offers a rich haul of gossipy insider details" but "also makes many strong and unsettling claims." In the end, Morell "presents a persuasive and powerful case that without substantial financial and political investment in disrupting international terrorism, most of the future threats" that he has identified "are not simply possible but inevitable."


Morello, Carol. "Arrest Shocks Former State Department Colleagues: Highly Regarded Expert on Asia Is Accused of Passing Documents and Taking Secret Trip to Taiwan." Washington Post, 17 Sep. 2004, A8. []

According to an affidavit filed on 15 September 2004 in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Donald W. Keyser "was released on $500,000 bond on a charge of lying about [a] trip to Taiwan on an official government document." The affidavit "said that Keyser made the unsanctioned trip after official visits to China and Japan and that he met" a Taiwanese agent, "a 33-year-old woman, in Taipei."


Morello, Carol. "Undercover Warrior Finally Honored." Washington Post, 26 Jun. 2003, B1. []

The remains of Charles G. Herrick were buried at Arlington National Cemetery on 25 June 2003. Herrick was shot down over Laos in 1963, while flying for Air America. "The return of the remains of Herrick and [Joseph] Cheney [pilot of the Air America plane on which Herrick was co-pilot] is the latest success story in a U.S. government effort to locate the remains of 1,874 Americans missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War era."


Moreno, Jonathan D. Undue Risk: Secret State Experiments on Humans. New York: W. H. Freeman, 1999.

Cohen. FA 79.2 (Mar.-Apr. 2000), sees the title as "somewhat misleading, given that this book deals primarily with the United States, with only passing references to Germany, Iraq, and the Soviet Union." However, "the material is chilling..., recounting the use of human subjects for ghastly experiments during the Cold War.... Moreno makes clear that American civilians and military personnel were sometimes exposed to unacceptable risks in various experiments, including those involving lsd injections and plutonium."


Moreno, Sylvia. "An Improbable Spy? Friends Old and New Stunned by Arrest of Reserved, Frugal Defense Analyst." Washington Post, 4 Oct. 2001, A1. [http://www.]

"In Washington's world of top-level intelligence briefings, Ana Belen Montes was the go-to person on Cuba. She told people how the communist nation worked. But all the while, federal authorities say, the 44-year-old Defense Intelligence Agency analyst was telling Cuba just how the United States operated, from the identity of undercover agents sent to infiltrate the island to details on military exercises."



Morgenstern, George. Pearl Harbor: The Story of the Secret War. Chicago: Devin Adair, 1947.

Zimmerman, I&NS 17.2/fn.3, calls this work "[p]robably the best exposition of the revisionist case."


Moriarity, Anthony R. "Abating Military Espionage Problems." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 4, no. 4 (Winter 1990): 475-485.


Moritz, Verena, Hannes Leidinger, and Gerhard Jagschitz. Im Zentrum Der Macht: Die Vielen Gesichter des Geheimdienstchefs Maximilain Ronge. [In the Center of Power: The Many Faces of Secret Service Chief Maximilain Ronge] St. Pölten: Residenz Verlag, 2007.

Kahn, I&NS 23.2 (Apr. 2008), finds this work somewhat "disappointing" with regard to Ronge's work as intelligence chief during World War I.

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Morley, Jefferson. Our Man in Mexico: Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2008.

From publisher: Winston Mackinley Scott was chief of the CIA's Mexico City station from 1956 to 1969. The author "follows the quest of Win Scott's son Michael to confront the reality of his father's life as a spy." He also "reveals the previously unknown scope of the agency's interest in Oswald in late 1963, identifying for the first time the code names of Scott's surveillance programs that monitored Oswald's movements."

Peake, Studies 52.3 (Sep. 2008) and Intelligencer 16.2 (Fall 2008), notes "[i]t quickly becomes clear that Morley is something of a conspiracy theorist." Chapman, IJI&C 21.4 (Winter 2008-2009), also notes that there is an effort "to make a case that the CIA, Scott, and [David Atlee] Phillips were involved with Lee Harvey Oswald."


Morn, Frank. "The Eye that Never Sleeps": A History of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1982.



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