John Mendelsohn, ed., Covert Warfare


Mendelsohn, John, ed. Covert Warfare: Intelligence, Counter-intelligence and Military Deception During the World War II Era. 18 vols. New York: Garland, 1989.

This multivolume work consists of photo reproductions of documents from the National Archives.

Vol. 1: ULTRA, MAGIC and the Allies. Intro., Timothy Mulligan.

Sexton terms this an "invaluable collection."

Vol. 2: The Spy Factory and Secret Intelligence. Intro., Bradley F. Smith.

Vol. 3: OSS Jedburgh Teams, 1. Intro., Bradley F. Smith.

Vol. 4: OSS Jedburgh Teams, 2. Intro., Bradley F. Smith.

Vol. 5: Other OSS Teams. Intro., Bradley F. Smith.

Vol. 6: German Radio Intelligence and the Soldatsender. Intro., John Mendelsohn.

According to Sexton, this volume "includes the War Diary of the Morale Operations Branch of the OSS in London, which describes OSS black propaganda operations aimed at German forces."

Vol. 7: The Case of Richard Sorge. Intro., Bryan T. Van Sweringen.

From This volume "covers: 1. The Sorge Spy Ring: A Case study in International Espionage in the Far East. 2. An Authenticated Translation of Sorge's Own Story. 3. Extracts from an Authenticated Translation of the Foreign Affairs Yearbook, Criminal Affairs Bureau, Tokyo. 4. Extracts from the 'Sorge Spy Ring Case'. 5. Exhibit No.26 (The Relationship between Agnes Smedley and the Sorge Ring)."

Vol. 8: The OSS-NKVD Relationship, 1943-1945. Intro., J. Dane Hartgrove.

From "From December, 1943 until September, 1945, the forerunners of the CIA and the KGB maintained a tenuous contact through Major General John R. Deane's US Military Mission in Moscow. The book is packed with facsimilie documents including letters, cables and memoranda, many top secret, exchanged between the major participants."

Vol. 9: Scientific and Technical Intelligence Gathering. Intro., George C. Chalou.

Vol. 10: Covert War in Latin America. Intro., Sally McCarthy Marks.

Vol. 11: The History of the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC). Intro., John Mendelsohn.

Vol. 12: The Counter Intelligence Corps in Action. Intro., George C. Chalou.

From This volume "covers: 1. History of the Counter Intelligence Corps. 2/3.The CIC in North Africa. 4. The CIC in Italy. 5. The CIC in the Middle East. 6/7.The CIC in Europe. 8/9.The CIC in India. 10. SHAEF CIC Directive for Operation Overlord."

Vol. 13: The Final Solution of the Abwehr. Intro., David Kahn.

From This volume "includes excerpts from the interrogation reports of numerous Abwehr personnel including Walter Schellenberg, Chief of Amt VI RHSA."

Vol. 14: A Man Called A.H. Intro., Robert Wolfe.

From This volume "includes documents on the investigation into Adolf Hitler's rumoured survival, reports from Hitler's doctors on his personality, interogations of persons in the Fuehrer Bunker and into the whereabouts of Hitler's and Eva Braun's remains, and a CIC report on the so-called 'Kaltenbrunner Report' of the SS investigation into the July Plot -- the attempted assassination of Hitler."

Vol. 15: Basic Deception and the Normandy Invasion. Intro., Harold C. Deutsch.

Vol. 16: From Normandy into the Reich. Intro., Edwin R. Coffee.

Vol. 17: The German View of Cover and Deception. Intro., John Mendelsohn.

Vol. 18: Cover and Deception by the Royal Air Force in World War II. Intro., Robin E. Cookson.

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