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McDaniel, Michael L. "High-Altitude UAVs Should Be Naval Players." U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings 125, no. 2 (Feb. 1999): 70-72.

The focus here is on RQ-3 Darkstar and RQ-4 Global Hawk UAVs. "The DARPA program ... is scheduled to transition to an Air Force-led joint program office in 1999, with operational vehicles under Air Force control -- and battle group commanders have learned from bitter experience to depend as little as possible on resources not directly under their command. The answer is obvious -- either expand the Navy/Marine Corps role in both the Joint Program Office and operational units; or buy some Global Hawks and paint 'Navy' or 'Marines' on the fuselage."

[MI/Navy/90s; Recon/UAVs]

McDermott, Rose. "Experimental Intelligence." Intelligence and National Security 26, no. 1 (Feb. 2011): 82-98.

From Abstract: "This article explores the use and application of experimental methodologies in intelligence analysis.... The paradigm of experimental manipulation serves as a useful template for exploring alternative conceptualizations of of uncertain environments."


McDermott, Rose. "The Use and Abuse of Medical Intelligence." Intelligence and National Security 22, no. 4 (Aug. 2007): 491-520.

The author argues that "timely and reliable medical information on foreign leaders ... can serve ... to provide proper warning in cases of incipient leadeship failure, transition or succession." She outlines four instances -- the Shah of Iran, Ferdinand Marcos, Tancredo Neves, and Boris Yeltsin -- "when the medical condition of a particular foreign leader exerted a decisive influence on policy outcomes of great importance" to the U.S. government.


McDevitt, Bette. "Teenage Resistance Heroine Tiny Mulder." World War II (Nov. 2003). []

"Young Tiny Mulder used her language skills, wits and a large dose of courage to keep Allied airmen shot down over Holland out of German hands."

[Women/WWII/Other; WWII/Eur/Res/Netherlands]

McDonald, Dick [CAPT/USN (Ret.)]

McDonald, Gilman [CDR/USNR (Ret.)]. "About ULTRA: Fact and Fiction," Intelligencer 14, no. 2 (Winter-Spring 2005): 113-117 (with editorial additions, 117-120).

The author argues that the term ULTRA was simply a security classification or label applied to the U.S. Top Secret or, for the British, the step above Most Secret.


McDonald, Hamish. "Defence Fights to Keep 1975 Secrets." Sydney Morning Herald, 13 Sep. 2010. []

Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland "issued a public interest certificate last week preventing senior intelligence officials from being questioned in a public hearing on why they still sought to keep the defence material secret." University of NSW senior lecturer Clinton Fernandes has applied "for access to daily 'situation reports' that were prepared by the Defence Department during the takeover of then Portuguese Timor by Indonesia in 1975." Defence Intelligence Organisation deputy director Stephen McFarlane said in an affidavit that "[r]elease would damage the intelligence-sharing relationship" with the United States.


McDonald, Henry. "IRA Spy Row Deepens." The Observer, 10 Feb. 2008. []

Northern Ireland's Truth Commissioners have been "'have been stunned by how many agents the RUC and MI5 had inside the Provos,' one source said" on 9 February 2008. "The revelations regarding spies inside republican organisations comes as the IRA and Sinn Féin absorbs the shock over the Roy McShane affair. The 58-year-old west Belfast republican was revealed on Friday as a long-term MI5 agent inside the IRA. McShane had been a bodyguard and driver for senior Sinn Féin figures, including Gerry Adams."


McDonald, Lawrence H. "The OSS: America's First National Intelligence Agency." Prologue, Spring 1992, 7-22. Also, Special Warfare 6, no. 1 (Feb. 1993): 24-32.


McDonald, Robert A.

McDonald, Walter. "African Numbers Game." Studies in Intelligence 8, no. 4 (Fall 1964): 11-20.

"Many, if not most," of the statistics contained in U.S. government publications about the newly independent tropical African states "are patently absurd." National accounting for population "in most African countries is by almost any standard ludicrous."


McDonald, Ward. Ed., Mary M. Willis and David Pettus, contributors. Johnny Reb: Confederate Spy -- Memories of Thrilling Events of the Civil War. New York: Larksdale via American History Book Publishing Co., 1992.

Surveillant 2.6: "Memoirs of Ward McDonald [1839-1904], Captain, C.S.A., 4th Alabama Cavalry, written for the Moulton Advertiser, Moulton, Alabama."


McDonnell, Janet A. "The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence: The First 10 Years." Studies in Intelligence 58, no. 1 (Mar. 2014): 9-16. []

Mostly boiler-plate about the great wisdom shown by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld in creating the USD(I) position (ignoring Congress's lead role in the matter) and the great success the office has enjoyed under its three occupants. However, the statement that "[d]etermining the appropriate balance of authorities between" the DNI and the USD(I) "has been and continues to be a challenge" is certainly on the mark.


McDougall, Walter A. The Heavens and the Earth: A Political History of the Space Age. New York: Basic Books, 1985.

For Cold War Connection, "Top Books on the Cold War,", this "richly detailed ... work provides the best overview to date on the complex intersections of the space program and politics (both international and domestic), as well as the larger issue of the relationship between the state and technological development."


McDowall, Angus. "Saudi Prince Bandar: A Flamboyant, Hawkish Spy Chief." Reuters, 20 Jul. 2012. []

On 19 July 2012, "Prince Bandar bin Sultan was appointed Saudi Arabia's new spy chief."


McDowell, Don. Strategic Intelligence: A Handbook for Practicioners, Managers and Users. Cooma, NSW, Australia: Istana Enterprises, 1998. Rev. ed. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow, 2009.

Swenson, IJI&C 16.1/130/fn55, calls this "the definitive source for ideas about how to bring 'police intelligence' to the level of strategic intelligence." Oleson, Studies 53.3 (Sep. 2009), says that the author "provides an interesting, non-American perspective on the doctrine of doing strategic analysis." Along the way, "McDowell offers sage advice to analysts and managers of analysts alike."


McEldowney, J. F. "Legal Aspects of the Irish Secret Service Fund, 1793-1833." Irish Historical Studies 25, no. 98 (1986): 129-137.

[OtherCountries/Ireland; UK/Historical]

McElhatton, Jim. "Lawsuit Details Alleged Waste at Intel Agency." Federal Times, 4 Jun. 2013. []

According to court records, the NGA Inspector General "is investigating a whistle-blower's complaints about fraud and waste atop the agency, including details of a 2011 'Family Day' event with clowns, dunk tanks and ponies that cost more than a quarter million dollars." The "probe began after a former [Raytheon Technical Services] contract employee said she was fired last year after raising concerns about, among other things, the lease of new Cadillac for NGA's director, Letitia Long, and potential transit card abuse among hundreds of employees, court records show."


McElroy, Damien. "China Aims Spy Network at Trade Secrets in Europe." Telegraph (London), 3 Jul. 2005. []

"A network of Chinese industrial spies has been established across Europe as the Communist government's intelligence agencies shift their resources and attention" toward espionage "aimed at achieving global commercial dominance. The extent of the spying was laid bare after a leading Chinese agent 'defected' in Belgium. The agent, who has worked in European universities and companies for more than 10 years, has given the Sûreté de l'Etat..., detailed information on hundreds of Chinese spies working at various levels of European industry."


McElvoy, Anne. "The Day that the Stasi Attempted to Recruit Me." The Independent (UK), 20 Sep. 1999. [http://]

The author [see Markus Wolf, with Anne McElvoy, Man Without a Face (1997)] relates an incident in 1986. She also expresses unhappiness over the manner in which the Mitrokhin materials were released: The services "have allowed a precedent to emerge in which copyright of intelligence material is given away solely at the discretion of the secret services, to the profit of individuals."


McElvoy, Anne. "The Wolf Holds His Foes at Bay Again." Telegraph (London), 12 Jan. 1997. []

McElvoy worked with Wolf on his memoirs, Man Without a Face (1997). Here, she gives her impressions of him: "Wolf has phenomenal powers of concentration and recall. He can still remember elaborate spiders' webs of the intelligence connections which he spun across the West. He radiates an air of self-confidence, verging on self-love."


McFate, Montgomery. "Cultural Intelligence: 'Far More Difficult than Counting Tanks and Planes.'" American Intelligence Journal 24 (2006): 16-25.

This article "argues that the inability to recognize the significance of data and to understand what information means within its original context, is the product of three forces operating within our intelligence establishment: ethnocentrism, the 'rational actor' model of human behavior, and the preference for technical intelligence."


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