Chuck McCutcheon


McCutcheon, Chuck. "CIA: Now Hiring." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 22 Jan. 2000, 143.

The CIA "has been running full-page recruiting ads in magazines and major newspapers."


McCutcheon, Chuck. “CIA's Role in Afghan War Restores Tenet's Image on Hill.” Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 2 Feb. 2002, 311-313.

"Strong Capitol Hills ties, a solid relationship with President Bush and the success of U.S. intelligence in the war in Afghanistan have helped George J. Tenet hold on to his job as CIA director," given the "intelligence failure of unprecedented proportions" represented by the 11 September 2001 attacks.


McCutcheon, Chuck. "Defining Homeland Security." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 29 Sep. 2001, 2252-2254.


McCutcheon, Chuck. "India's Nuclear Detonations Rattle Clinton's Arms Control Strategy." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 16 May 1998, 1317.

"Lawmakers applaud swift imposition of sanctions, but rule out action on test ban treaty this year and question intelligence agencies' vigilance."


McCutcheon, Chuck. "Intelligence Bill Clears with Small Rise in Spending, Expanded Wiretap Authority." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 10 Oct. 1998, 2760.

The conference report of the intelligence authorization bill for Fiscal Year 1999 cleared the House and Senate on 7 and 8 October 1998 respectively.


McCutcheon, Chuck. "Intelligence Markup Gives NSA Increase." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 29 Apr. 2000, 1001.

In a closed session on 27 April 2000, the SSCI approved an intelligence authorization bill for FY 2001 that is said to include a significant increase for NSA. See also, Chuck McCutcheon, "House Takes up Intelligence Bill that Would Provide NSA with Means to Modernize," Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 20 May 2000, 1208.

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McCutcheon, Chuck. "Tenet Gives CIA Credibility on the Hill." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 22 Jan. 2000, 139-143.

Tenet has been "relatively open and forthright" in his dealings with Congress, and is seen as having "effectively managed the intricate and sometimes incendiary partnership between the intelligence community and Capitol Hill.... But the jury remains out on Tenet's attempts to reshape U.S. intelligence-gathering in the 21st century."


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