John M. (Mike) McConnell

McConnell, J. M. [VADM/USN (Ret.)] "The Future of SIGINT: Opportunities and Challenges in the Information Age." Defense Intelligence Journal 9, no. 2 (Summer 2000): 39-49.

The former DIRNSA argues that major investments in capabilities and "[d]ramatically new approaches, legal authorities, and thinking" are needed in order to effectively utilize SIGINT in the Information Age.


McConnell, [John M.] Mike [VADM/USN (Ret.)]. "A Key Gap In Fighting Terrorism: Private Firms Need Liability Protection." Washington Post, 15 Feb. 2008, A21.

The DNI argues for passage of the Protect America Act to include retroactive liability protection "for those private-sector firms that helped defend the nation after the Sept. 11 attacks."


McConnell, J. M. [VADM/USN, DIRNSA/Chief, CSS] "New World, New Challenges: NSA Into the 21st Century." American Intelligence Journal 15, no. 1 (Spring-Summer 1994): 7-10.

McConnell, [John M.] Mike [VADM/USN (Ret.)]. "Overhauling Intelligence." Foreign Affairs 86, no. 4 (Jul.-Aug. 2007): 49-58.

The DNI argues that the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 and the creation of the post of DNI were "timely and appropriate" actions "but, by themselves, insufficient." Washington needs to "forge a collaborative approach to intelligence that increases the agility of individual agencies and facilitates the effective coordination and integration of their work." He concludes that "[i]t will take years to fully clarify and coordinate the DNI's responsibilities and powers, transform the collection and analysis of intelligence, accelerate information sharing, change institutional cultures, build high-tech capabilities, and boost the acquisition of new technologies."

Richard L. Russell, "Letters to the Editor: Missing Intelligence," Foreign Affairs 86, no. 5 (Sep.-Oct. 2007), argues that "[c]ontrary to the optimistic tone of McConnell's article, a hard look leads" to the conclusion "that on its current trajectory, the intelligence community will only succeed in better sharing mediocre human intelligence and will not protect U.S. national interests any better than it did before 9/11 or the Iraq war."

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[McConnell, John "Mike" [VADM/USN (Ret.)]. "Remarks by the Director of National Intelligence." Naval Intelligence Professionals Quarterly 24, no. 3 (Jun. 2008): 38-39.

"Extract" from speech given 17 May 2008 at graduation ceremony at George Washington University - Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.


McConnell, J.M. [VADM/USN (Ret.)], and Edward J. Giorgio. "Building Information Security Layer by Layer." U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings 124, no. 12 (Dec. 1998): 44-47.

"[I]nformation security is a difficult problem, and the Navy will not rely on any single mechanism to provide it. To compromise our security, an adversary must defeat the security mechanisms layer-by-layer. With proper defense in depth, the risk is minimized that a single flaw will leave an information system vulnerable."

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