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From publisher: "On March 5-6, 1944, the Allies conducted an air invasion of Burma, in an attempt to push back the Japanese in the China-Burma-India Theater and reestablish the land route between India and China. U.S. Airmen formed a special operations unit -- the 1st Air Commando Group -- to transport troops to jungle locations and resupply them, often in the line of fire."

[MI/AF/SpecOps; WWII/U.S./Services/AF]

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Bathurst was an English diplomat who disappeared in Prussia in 1809. See also, Neville Thompson, "The Continental System as a Sieve: The Disappearance of Benjamin Bathurst in 1809," International History Review 24.3 (2002): 528-557.

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Peake, Studies 48.4 (2004), says that in his more than 20 years with the CIA, the author "certainly made a difference ... and his memoir is a candid, forthright contribution to the intelligence literature."


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Surveillant 2.4: "[M]ystery stations sending out coded numbers night and day, all over the shortwave radio bands."


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"This article makes two major points. The first is that, traditionally, the requirement in warfare for information about the enemy was desirable, but now it is essential. The second is that dominant battlespace knowledge depends on much more than knowledge of the battlespace. The conclusions to be drawn from both statements raise sensitive problems about future force structures and procurement."

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