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Marlatt, Greta E. Information Warfare and Information Operations (IW/IO): A Bibliography. Monterey, CA: Dudley Knox Library, Naval Postgraduate School, rev. Jan. 2008. [Available as a PDF file at:]


Marlatt, Greta E. Intelligence and Policy-Making: A Bibliography. Monterey, CA: Dudley Knox Library, Naval Postgraduate School, rev. 2007. []

This is a useful and accessible general bibliography on intelligence. It is revised regularly through the addition of new material. Books and articles are listed separately and arranged alphabetically. A substantial listing of theses from the various U.S. military war colleges, accompanied by abstracts, is particularly useful.


Maroni, Alice C. Special Access Programs and the Defense Budget: Understanding the "Black Budget." Washington, DC: Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, 1987.


Marquardt-Bigman, Petra. "Behemoth Revisited: The Research and Analysis Branch of the Office of Strategic Services in the Debate of U.S. Policies towards Germany, 1943-46." Intelligence and National Security 12, no. 2 (Apr. 1997): 91-100.

The title reference is to Franz Neumann, author of Behemoth: The Structure and Practice of National Socialism (1942) and described by the author as the "intellectual leader" of R&A's team of German experts. The policy prescription advocated by R&A was similar to what was adopted after 1947, but the Europe of that time was decidedly different than the one of 1944 at which the proposal was aimed.


Marquardt-Bigman, Petra. "Project Communication: An Oral History of the Office of Strategic Services." Intelligence and National Security 12, no. 2 (Apr. 1997): 161-162.

In a project sponsored by the CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence, a team will be interviewing a representative sample of surviving staff from the various OSS branches.


Marquez, Jeremiah. "Engineer on Trial Over Military Secrets." Associated Press, 28 Mar. 2007. []

Chi Mak, a Chinese-American engineer at defense contractor Power Paragon, went on trial on 28 March 2007 "on charges that he stole information on U.S. military technology for two decades to send to China."


Marquis, Christopher [New York Times].

Marquis, Hugues. "L'espionnage britannique et la fin de l'Ancien Régime" [British espionage and the end of the Ancien Régime]. Histoire, économie et société 17 (1998): 261-276.

[France/Historical; UK/Historical]

Marquis, Susan L. Unconventional Warfare: Rebuilding U.S. Special Operations Forces. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution, 1997.

According to National Journal, 19 Aug. 1997, "U.S. Special Operations Forces have gone from being a poorly funded and staffed organization to an elite military unit.... Marquis follows the political battle that brought back the forces after they were almost eliminated following the Vietnam war." Cohen, FA 77.2 (Mar.-Apr. 1998), finds that the author of this "workmanlike volume ... displays a fine awareness of the peculiar culture of the special operations community." Since calls for the use of these forces are likely in the future, this book has "particular significance."

For Crerar, AIJ 17.3/4, this book provides a nicely done overview of the problems that U.S. unconventional forces faced by the late 1970s, and notes that Marquis tells the story of the effort to rejuvenate those forces in the early 1980s "exceptionally well." The author appears to have had "exceptional entree to the [special operations] community's members" who "were generous with their views." The book is not without minor flaws (especially in detailing the recent history of the special operations forces), but the overall result is "well worth reading."

Bode, History 26.2, sees the book as "a competently assembled partial history of the rebuilding of important military capabilities shed during America's revulsion against 'the Vietnam experience.'" However, there are "gaps that mar her account." Although the mistakes and omissions "are not trivial deficiencies in an authoritative history,... neither should they prevent anyone from reading this book."


Marr, David. The Ivanov Trail. Melbourne: Nelson, 1984.

ASIO bugs in the home of Valeri Ivanov recorded conversations between the Soviet diplomat and a businessman and former Australian Labor Party official, David Combe. Banned from contact with the government, it took Combe some years and effort to clear himself from suspicion of being a conduit from the Labor Party to the KGB.


Marrin, Albert. The Secret Armies: Spies, Counterspies and Saboteurs. New York: Atheneum Children's Books, 1985.

According to Sexton, this book, written for the younger audience, "relates familiar and sometimes apocryphal stories of espionage, deception and covert warfare."


Marrin, Stephen - A-Im

Marrin, Stephen - In-Z

Marriott, Edward. Claude and Madeleine: A True Story of War, Espionage and Passion. London: Picador, 2005.

Madeleine Victorine Bayard [Madeleine Barclay] and Claude André Michel Péri [Jack Langlais] served with SOE. They died when the specialty boat HMS Fidelity was sunk by U-boats in late December 1942-early January1943.

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