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Miller, IJI&C 10.3, is quite enthusiastic about the Mahoneys' work. He finds that the authors know their subject and know how to tell a story about an interesting subject. American, German, Japanese, and Russian intelligence efforts are all chronicled.


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Jonkers, AFIO WIN 7-00, 19 Feb. 2000, says that this "is an interesting compendium of American espionage agents," which will be "instructive and useful to readers young and old." For Warren, CIRA Newsletter, Fall 2000, Gallantry in Action's "170 brief biographies of the main players on the Revolutionary intelligence battlefield" produce "a useful addition to the library of anyone interested in the history of intelligence," even though the work's "basis [is] in secondary sources."


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Anderson, Intelligencer 9.1, found this "small [219 pages], well organized book ... most interesting." Although it is not focused on intelligence, the book "has a modest number of intelligence references.... Of particular interest,... is a discussion of the active and effective role of Union agents in New Orleans.... The most intriguing intelligence vignette is about ... Loreta Velasquez."

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