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"Classified documents, seen by The Sunday Telegraph, suggest Parliament has been repeatedly misled by ministers about the extent of British intelligence officials' involvement" in American-run rendition operations. "The papers outline how MI6 provided key intelligence and support for the transfer" of Abdelhakim Belhadj to Tripoli in March 2004. "They show that, in direct contradiction to assurances given by successive governments," the British airbase at Diego Garcia "was apparently used as a key staging post for the CIA programme."


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ProQuest: "Kroll Associates, the pre-eminent corporate investigators in the country, was started in 1971 and counts among its clients banks, investment firms, corporations and foreign governments."


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"Living in Nicholas County, then in Virginia and now part of West Virginia, Nancy Hart joined the Moccasin Rangers and served as a spy, reporting on federal troop activity in her home's vicinity and leading rebel raiders to their position. She was said to have led a raid on Summersville in July 1861, at age 18. Captured by a band of Union soldiers, she tricked one of her captors and used his own gun to kill him, then escaped."


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"[N]ascent capital markets provide a new and dangerous battleground for governments and their intelligence agencies to project power and advance their national agendas." The author calls for "the creation of a capital markets unit in the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence (DI)." Handling this kind of intelligence "requires that intelligence officers have contact with leading practitioners in the financial industry.... [A]n advisory group of Wall Street professionals should be assembled.... Numerous field contacts ... will be required."


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Day, IJI&C 16.1, finds that the author "definitely did his homework for this impressive book, a history of the creation of Itek, the company that built the cameras for the very successful CORONA reconnaissance satellite program during the 1960s.... Lewis approaches his subject both from a business and an intelligence perspective, a truly unique combination.... Spy Capitalism is a major addition to the literature on intelligence."

For Robarge, Studies 47.1, Lewis "writes in clear, although occasionally choppy, prose that is free from business jargon." Haines, Diplomatic History 28.3, points to the unique perspective presented in this work. The author examines the technological "revolution in intelligence and the liaison between corporate America and government from the view of a corporate player, Itek, and its management team.... [T]he best part of Lewis's book is his description of the struggle for control and contracts for the follow-on system to CORONA."

[CIA/60s/Gen; Recon/Sats/Books]

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"This study examines the operations of the eleven Jedburgh teams dropped into northern France during the summer of 1944, with particular emphasis on the degree to which they assisted in the advance of the 12th Army Group from Normandy to the German border.... The area of operations covered by these teams reached from the Belgian border in the north, south to Nancy."


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