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[UK/Interwar/30s; Russia/Interwar]

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Nish, I&NS 14.1, notes that the Kempeitai "had both police and judicial powers," and those powers "grew and ... extended into the political domain" during the 1930s. First in the China war and later in the Asia-Pacific war, the Kempeitai "gathered military intelligence, intercepted enemy communications, monitored anti-Japanese activities and established espionage networks." While the author "has been most assiduous in collecting information,... [a] more academic study would require greater footnoting."


Lamothe, Dan. "Marine Corps Realigns its Special Operations, Sends Elite Troops to Middle East." Washington Post, 20 Jan. 2015. []

According to Maj. Gen. Joseph L. Osterman, commander of the Marine Corps’ Special Operations, "[t]he Marine Corps is close to completing a realignment of its elite Special Operations troops, sending some of them to the Middle East this month as part of a broader effort to refocus after years of fighting in Afghanistan." The troops will be "focused on training and coordinating with friendly governments to guard against insurgencies. Others already have been deployed to Africa and the Pacific."


Lamothe, Dan. "Mike Vickers, Longtime Senior Intelligence Official and Former CIA Strategist, to leave Pentagon." Washington Post, 19 Mar. 2015. []

The Defense Department said on 19 March 2015 that Michael G. Vickers, undersecretary of defense for intelligence, plans to step down from his post.... He has held the position since 2011.... [H]is departure ... is expected at the end of April."


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Lancaster, Carol. "Poverty, Terrorism, and National Security." Environmental Change & Security Project Report 9 (2003): 19-22.

"[P]overty is not a major or direct cause of terrorism, and ... eliminating poverty will not eliminate terrorism.... [While] the United States should and must work to eliminate poverty in the world[,]... U.S. policymakers and citizens should not fool themselves that reducing poverty will eliminate terrorism."

[GenPostwar/NatSec/Env; Terrorism/00s]

Lancaster, John, and David B. Ottaway. "With CIA's Help, Group in Jordan Targets Saddam." Washington Post, 23 Jun. 1996. []


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Peake, Studies 49.1 (2005), comments that this book "is speculation mixed with sour grapes until real evidence is produced."


Lance, Peter.

1. 1000 Years for Revenge: International Terrorism and the FBI -- The Untold Story. New York: HarperCollins, 2004.

According to Peake, Studies 48.3 (2004), the author "finds widespread fault and is pessimistic about improvements, even from the congressional commissions."

2. Triple Cross: How Bin Laden's Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets, and the FBI -- and Why Patrick Fitzgerald Failed to Stop Him. New York: Regan, 2006.

Peake, Studies 51.2 (2007), notes that this work continues the author's story of Ali Mohammed (begun in 1000 Years for Revenge). He also provides other, new "dots"; the problem is that "it is by no means clear how they connect."

[FBI/00s/Gen; Terrorism/00s/Gen]

Landau, Henry.

1. All's Fair: The Story of the British Secret Service Behind the German Lines. New York: Putnam's, 1934. [Chambers]

2. Secrets of the White Lady. New York: Putnam's, 1935. [Chambers]

3. Spreading the Spy Net: The Story of a British Spy Director. London: Jarrolds, 1938.

Constantinides: Landau headed the Military Division of the British secret service in Holland from 1916, running networks in France and Belgium. The "largest and considered the most successful" network was named the White Lady. These books are the memoirs of "a field intelligence officer." Some doubts have been raised about the accuracy of some of Landau's stories.


Landau, Henry. The Enemy Within: The Inside Story of German Sabotage in America. New York: Putnam's, 1937.

Constantinides: Landau headed the Military Division of the British secret service in Holland from 1916. After the war, he investigated "claims by Americans against the German government for damages done in the United States by acts of sabotage prior to" the U.S. entry into the war. The first part of the book is "a brief history of German sabotage and intelligence activities both before and after the U.S. entry into the war." The second part focuses on the claims and associated litigation.


Lander, Stephen [Sir]. "British Intelligence in the Twentieth Century." Intelligence and National Security 17, no.1 (Spring 2002): 7-20.

The Director-General of the Security Service (MI5) discusses his service's archival management and release policies.

[RefMats/Release/UK; UK/Overviews/I&NS17.1]

Lander, Stephen [Sir]. "International Intelligence Cooperation: An Inside Perspective." Cambridge Review of International Affairs 17, no. 3 (Oct. 2004): 481-493.

This article by the former Director General of the UK Security Service "has been adapted from a speech presented in October 2003 as the fifth annual Harry Hinsley Lecture at St John's College, University of Cambridge."

From abstract: "I believe that the threats faced by the West are such that a step change in multilateral cooperation is necessary, at least on those issues of collective security where all are affected by the same threats.... [The situation] argues, I suggest, for a new UKUSA Treaty involving not just sigint, nor just the Five Eyes allies, but also the key European players. The foresight of those nearly sixty years ago ... who negotiated the UKUSA Agreement has served the UK well. Perhaps the time has come for a new treaty for a new century."


Landers, Daniel F. "The Defense Warning System." Defense Intelligence Journal 3, no. 1 (Spring 1994): 21-32.

Chief, Defense Policy Warning Branch, DIA. "The NIO/W produces a weekly product.... Warning analysts [in the Threat Management Branch] ... often receive items produced elsewhere on an initiative basis. This has proven to be a satisfactory arrangement."


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