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Kornbluh, Peter. "The CIA Secret Kept for 37 Years." Washington Post, 15 Mar. 1998, C1. "Keeping a Fiasco Under Wraps." Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 23 Mar. 1998, 23.

This is an Op-Ed piece on the release of "The Inspector General's Survey of the Cuban Operation." The author uses the opportunity to rage against the "abuse of secrecy" and "the agency's traditional pathology of secrecy." The problem is that his presentation is so filled with spite that it is difficult to sort the relevant points from the bile.

[CIA/60s/BoP; CIA/98/BoP][c]

Kornbluh, Peter. The Death of Che Guevara: Declassified. National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 5.

This is "a selection of key CIA, State Department, and Pentagon documentation relating to Guevara and his death" from the National Security Archive's Cuba Documentation Project.


Kornbluh, Peter. "The Iran-Contra Scandal: A Postmortem." World Policy Journal 5, no. 1 (Winter 1987-1988): 130-131.


Kornbluh, Peter. Nicaragua: The Price of Intervention, Reagan's War against the Sandinistas. Washington, DC: Institute for Policy Studies, 1987.


Kornbluh, Peter, ed. Bay of Pigs Declassified: The Secret CIA Report on the Invasion of Cuba. New York: New Press, 1998.

Clark comment: This reprint of the CIA Inspector General's report includes Deputy Director for Plans Richard Bissell's rebuttal. The editor has also included a chronology and other materials. Thomas Powers, NYRB, 4 Feb. 1999, says that this is "one of the half dozen basic texts on the United States and Cuba in the 1960s, and that makes it required reading for anyone who wants to understand what happened to the United States after World War II."

[CIA/60s/BoP; CIA/90s/98/BoP][c]

Kornbluh, Peter, ed. Chile and the United States: Declassified Documents Relating to the Military Coup, September 11, 1973. National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 8. At:


Kornbluh, Peter, ed. The Pinochet File: A Declassified Dossier on Atrocity and Accountability. New York: New Press, 2003.

Maxwell, FA 82.6 (Nov.-Dec. 2003), comments that the documents the editor "has uncovered confirm the deep involvement of the U.S. intelligence services in Chile prior to and after the coup." What is lacking from Kornbluh's indictment is that "[w]e see only the U.S. side of a story that is at least two-sided, if not multifacted."

In "Mythmaking and Foreign Policy," Rogers, FA 83.1 (Jan.-Feb. 2004), takes issue both with editor Kornbluh and reviewer Maxwell. He argues that "[t]he evidence of U.S. responsibility for Allende's downfall is thin indeed, but the myth lives on, with unfortunate consequences." Maxwell. "Maxwell Replies," FA 83.1 (Jan.-Feb. 2004), fires back against the criticism of his review.


Kornbluh, Peter, and Malcolm Byrne, eds. The Iran-Contra Scandal: The Declassified History, A National Security Archive Documents Reader. New York: New Press, 1993.

Surveillant 3.2/3: "101 documents."


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